Diana Bracho is not afraid of death: she has already prepared her funeral because she took advantage of a discount in advance

Diana Bracho He shared that he is not afraid of death, even pointing out that he already planned his funeral. The 77-year-old actress is so clear about that inevitable destiny that she three years ago took advantage of a discount by hiring in advance those who will be your funeral services.

“It is that life is very fragile, nobody has bought it… we are not going to live forever, then you have to prepare in life very well for death“said the protagonist of Cadenas de Amargura, soap opera that you can watch for free on VIXin the interview published by TVNotas on July 5.

This will be the funeral of Diana Bracho

The actress of My Husband Has More Family was honest about how she wants to be fired and said that it will be something very intimate, even perhaps neither the press nor the public will be “invited”.

“My life and my death are very intimate, they are very personal experiences, so sorry, but chance and they will not be invited,” he added.

Diana Bracho, who recently presented her book of poems entitled ‘Prognosis Reserved’, shared how she had the opportunity to begin preparations for her funeral.

“When I went to buy a package of funeral services for my mother (Diana Bordes, who passed away in 2019), because she had a terminal illness and was going to die, the person who attended me told me: ‘Ma’am, why don’t you buy yours at once?’, and far from being offended, I said: ‘What a good idea!’ with the Mexican publication.

After the anticipated contracting, the villain of ‘Chains of Bitterness’ has been able to choose details for this last event.

“It was beautiful; then I already told him: ‘I want a small room’, and he asked me: ‘For how many people?’, and I: ‘Listen, am I going to give coffee to all your friends? very good’, we were dying of laughter and so I began to plan my wake”.

Diana Bracho wants a dignified death

In addition, the actress of the iconic telenovela “Cuna de lobos” said that she has not only resolved her last moment in the presence of her family and friends, but also signed a document for more than a decade to have a dignified death.

After the death of her husband Rafael Cortés, Bracho signed an advance directive letter in order not to put her 43-year-old daughter Andrea Bracho in trouble in the event of a terminal illness. In the document she agrees not to be resuscitated or subjected to medical procedures to prolong her life artificially.

“My husband died eleven years ago and the next day I signed my advance directive, a resource that is legal in Mexico City. It’s a notarized letter saying that in the event of a terminal illness, you don’t want to be resuscitated or put on things so that you are like a vegetable, torturing your family and suffering horribly,” she asserted.

The actress pointed out that this is the “healthiest way to free your family so that they do not suffer”, with this she tries to protect her daughter and be able to make her own decisions until the last day of her life.

“Of course, then I said: ‘I don’t want my daughter to have to decide: Shall we disconnect your mother?’ I also thought, if I have decided my whole life, why shouldn’t I decide my death?”

This is not the first time that the actress has spoken of “relieving the pressure” and “blame” on her family, as well as protecting her dignity.

“I believe that the best gift you can give a loved one is to help them die with dignity, because prolonged, painful, painful, horrible deaths no one deserves them“He pointed to the Hoy program in July 2021.

Diana Bracho wants to live old age with the best attitude

At 77 years old, Diana Bracho considers herself a “vital” and healthy person, however, in her recent book she addresses the issue of old age, a stage that, according to her, can lead to loneliness and abandonment.

“Old age can lead to loneliness and not only to that, but to abandonment, but they are things with which You have to learn to live with the best attitude“, he told TVNotas.

He said that over the years it is not easy to realize that “you no longer do things so well”, but that it is a constant struggle with oneself and a matter of not letting oneself be defeated.

Diana Bracho’s secret to look young

The actress confessed that, although she takes care of her face with some beauty routines, being happy helps her look jovial.

A smile is my best suit and my best cream, although I also take good care of myself; I use other creams that are very good, I clean my face very well, but I haven’t done anything invasive”.

She revealed that avoiding excesses and having a good relationship with those around her has helped her look and feel better.

“More or less (I take care of my diet), I eat everything, I don’t set limits; but I don’t smoke, I drink very little, and above all, I don’t envy or hate anyone (laughs), I have no resentments, that’s why I live fully “, he indicated.

Diana Bracho: a career without scandals

During his more than 70 years of artistic career, he has tried to stay away from scandals. A year ago, in an interview with TVyNovelas, he pointed out that she has tried to lead a “dignified and respectable” career away from scandals.

He said that he has focused on giving his work to the public “and not my life, my intimacy or my secrets; my life is only mine, and since I started working I have never been into gossip.”

On that occasion, he announced that despite not making his life public, he has gone through situations like many women: “I have a story, like all women, sometimes complicated, a divorce, but I have never published my privacy anywhere” , sentenced.

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Diana Bracho is not afraid of death: she has already prepared her funeral because she took advantage of a discount in advance

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