Diana of Wales, reveal the saddest moment of her life that marked her forever

Diana of Wales, reveal the saddest moment of her life that marked her forever. Though Lady Di He lived several difficult moments in his life, it was in childhood where he suffered the saddest wound of all.

There are only a few days left until one more year has passed since the departure of the beloved Diana of Walesa woman who changed history not because she was royal but for using his position to raise his voice against great social problems and show the importance of supporting all those in vulnerable situations.

At a very young age, only 20 years old, Diana Spencer became the darling Princess Diana when marrying him Prince carlosthe heir to the British throne who, being ten years older than her, practically became an executioner, because although she married with enthusiasm, she soon discovered that she did not love him and that the whole time they were together she was unfaithful.

Even so, Diana of Wales gave him two sons, princes william and harryIn addition, the pressure that he experienced as one of the most important high-ranking members of royalty caused him a severe bulimia problem and none of that compared to the saddest moment of his life.

Diana of Wales, reveal the saddest moment of her life that marked her forever. Special

Diana Spencer and her brother Charles.

It is his brother, Charles Spencerwho recently told how sad was the childhood of the Princess Diana and his brothers, because although they were part of a wealthy family, things were not good at home.

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Diana of Wales, a life marked by abandonment and deception

The parents of Diana of Wales did not have a happy life, their marriage was stormy and their children were the most affected. Precisely when everyone was very young, his mother, Frances Shand Kydd, left home and relinquished custody of his children so he could marry his mistress. The Princess Diana He was five years old at the time and his brother was two.

“When she was packing her things to leave, she promised Diana that she would come back to see us…Diana used to wait at the door for her, but she never came. She heard me crying at the end of the hall, but she was too afraid of the dark to go after me.”

For many, the abandonment of Princess Diana’s mother was a wound that affected her throughout her life and that had a large part in her suffering during the hardest moments of her marriage, as Diana wanted to prevent her children from experiencing something like what she experimented and did everything possible to save her marriage until she understood that it was impossible.

Diana of Wales, reveal the saddest moment of her life that marked her forever. Special

Diana of Wales sought to be a present mother.

Even so, Diana of Wales she made history because she was the first British royal woman to raise her children, yes, she had the support of nannies but she always placed them as her priority, she took them on her trips and even separated and divorced from Prince Charleswas always a mother present who tried to give them a normal life and make them aware of what really mattered in life.

Although Prince William was 15 years old when his mother died and his brother Prince Harry was only 12 years old, both have tried to keep their mother’s legacy alive by seeking stability for the families that have formed and supported various social causes, following the example of the dear Princess Diana and also, they have given their name to their daughters.

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Diana of Wales, reveal the saddest moment of her life that marked her forever

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