Did Paulina Rubio appear with her fans under the influence of substances or drink?

The name of the Mexican singer Pauline Rubio is in trend today, because the internet found out about the terrible news that would happen in the family environment of the artist, it turns out that her mother, the great actress Susana Dosamantes At 74 years of age he passed away, giving condolences to the family, after the extensive career he had.

However, being a trend on social networks, they would bring out certain events from the singer’s past, some good ones remembering her for her musical career, while others not so much, since a video she made when the pandemic attacked the whole world would circulate, bringing as The result was a confinement that seemed to have no end, so the celebrity would decide to do a live show on her Instagram account to be close to her fans.

Everything looked very good, as it would be a nice gesture, however, his followers could see that Pauline Rubio she was having a very strange behavior arousing their concern, since it seemed that she could not concentrate on what she was saying, she could not remember the lyrics of her own songs, not even read them, so they accused her of being under the influence of harmful substances for health.

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There is even a part where the singer bends down and then wipes her nose, some believing it to be obvious evidence that she was not “in her right mind”, the 51-year-old artist continued with her live, however his behavior raised more and more suspicions that something was not right.

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Does Paulina Rubio interact with fans under the influence of substances? Photo: Twitter

Her faithful followers worried about her, trying to find out if she needed help in any way, while other internet users just mocked and criticized her, although the message she wanted to give Pauline Rubio It was very good, to make his situation with respect to the pandemic more bearable, it did not have the impact he thought it would have.

BY CLICKING HERE you can see the live he recorded.

In the past, there was another situation in which the interpreter of “Not a single word” He would record a video in which he would invite all his fans to an event to which he would appear, however, the obviousness in which he portrayed himself was the target of ridicule, since he did not hide that he was reading what he was saying.

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Did Paulina Rubio appear with her fans under the influence of substances or drink?

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