Diego Bertie’s neighbor denounces the abandonment of her puppies: “They leave them alone all night, they howl desperately”

Almost three weeks have passed since the abrupt departure of Diego Bertiewho died after falling from the 14th floor of his building on the Malecón de la Reserva de Miraflores. The actor lost his life while he was alone in his apartment, with the only company of his two faithful friends, his two dogs.

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However, now a neighbor of the condominium where the singer also lived denounces that the pets have been totally abandoned. According to a preview from Magaly Tv La Firme, the puppies are left alone all night and cry in desperation.

“They leave them alone all night, they wake up howling in fear, surely, in sadness, desperate,” said the neighbor of the deceased Diego Bertie.

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and the news was lamented by his family, fans and national and international press. However, one of the most affected by the singer’s death was his nanny, Teodora Bonilla, who accompanied him throughout his life.

love and fire reported that the domestic worker arrived at the actor’s Miraflores apartment on the afternoon of his death. According to Rodrigo González’s program, the woman went out to walk Diego’s two dogs, with whom she always showed herself on her social networks.

“He went out for a walk, we have approached, the lady looked quite emaciated but in front of the cameras she denied being her. Mrs. Teodora is in Diego’s house, she has been completely silent, she refused to speak and then she denied being her. We respect it. She entered with the two puppies that were Diego’s adoration, in networks he said ‘what would he do without them’. From there there have been no more movements, but there is a lot of secrecy on the part of the neighbors, they have not wanted to talk, but they have left flowers where the accident took place “limited the reporter of Love and Fire.


In the face of criticism, attacks and even insults for the death of the niece of the remembered actor Daniella Bertie shared a video to ask this group of people to stop the offenses on social networks. “Stop the hate and sharing fake news”claim.

As a result of the various comments that appear on social networks and even false news, Daniella Bertie He decided to come forward and share a video to ask to stop with these expressions.

“I want to make a call to the people who are behind a screen and who are capable of writing such painful and hurtful messages, without knowing how important my uncle Diego was to us, and what was our relationship with him. They share information without veracity, outside of reality and that does not exist, creating problems where there are none”, he stated.

the niece of Diego Bertie revealed that she had to close her social networks due to the strong insults not only towards her but also to her family. Even some people even directed her darts against her in the social media accounts in which she works as an influencer.


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Diego Bertie’s neighbor denounces the abandonment of her puppies: “They leave them alone all night, they howl desperately”

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