Diego Leuco revealed that a journalist broke his heart several times: “I really had a bad time”

Diego Leuco revealed that a colleague broke his heart several times: “I really had a bad time”

Diego Leuko he is enjoying his courtship with the journalist Sofia Martinezbut a few years before the driver of Telenoche (El Trece) suffered a lot trying to conquer a woman he met while taking his first steps in the world of journalism when he was 20 years old.

In an interview with Grego Rossellothe son of Alfred Leuco remembered: “It was the first time my heart was broken. I was 20 years old and I was working in News. It was the first strong job in which I felt like a journalist. And I had to go cover the trial for the cover-up of the murder of María Marta García Belsunce. There was another journalist who was covering it for another magazine and I fell madly in love.”

In the cycle of Twitch Ferne with Grego, Diego gave details of the round trip with this colleague for whom he felt a lot of love: “She had a boyfriend. We had a history there and she always promised me that she was going to leave him, but she never left him. I didn’t get to be the lover. It was a rather platonic story. We were like two young journalists who meet in an oral trial, with judges and prosecutors, and they like each other and look at each other. She was a year older than me. He broke my heart, and he did it steadily.”

After a while, they crossed paths again in another cover and the driver resumed his hopes of finally being able to win her over. “Twice I thought she had broken up and no. I really had a bad time. We ran into each other a year later on another trip. The two of us had gone to cover a snowboard competition in Chile. Everything beautiful. A spectacular hotel, and I said: ‘It’s mine!’ I had found out that he had separated. She was with a different snowboarder every night.”

In addition, Leuco portrayed one of the saddest images of his life that he suffered in that getaway to the neighboring country: “One day, in the morning, I am going to have breakfast at the hotel and I see that she was not there. So, I said, ‘I’m going to bring something to your room.’ I grabbed some scrambled eggs, some fruits, a bacon, a little juice, a little coffee. I put everything on a little tray and knocked on the door of her room. The girl opened it for me and in the room was one of the ryders, and I like a jerk. Also, you don’t know what the guys were, all Dutch, Finns, pectorals, abs, blondes”.

Diego Leuco and his current partner, Sofía Martínez

In a previous interview, the journalist had talked about the beginnings of his love relationship with Sofía Martínez last February. “I already knew her and I really liked her work; We had talked about the Olympic Games that she covered and I took her out on the phone on the radio as one more note ”, spoke in dialogue with Catherine Dugli in the cycle Hold on Catalina (The Eleven Ten),

“In addition, it happens to me a lot that when I like a person, I also like him because I admire what he does, otherwise it is very difficult for me to get hooked,” explained Leuco. “Today of sports journalism I feel that it is the great appearance of the last year, the great revelation, she has a very own way of telling thingshe is doing an incredible race and the first thing that caught my attention was how well he did his job”, closed the driver.


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Diego Leuco revealed that a journalist broke his heart several times: “I really had a bad time”

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