Diego Torres would be a boyfriend five months after his separation from Débora Bello: who is the young woman who would accompany him

They revealed who Diego Torres’s girlfriend is (Video: “Partners of the show”, El Trece)

Since he parted ways with Deborah Bellothe love life of Diego Torres it was a mystery. At least until now, that in show partners They confirmed that the singer would already be in a relationship with another person.

“She’s a woman he met about five years ago because he wanted to buy at the Chateau de Libertador, but don’t be misconceived, the relationship is sure to be fresh,” he began by expressing Paula Varela. And he detailed: “She is a real estate agent, very top, and when he arrived, she flashed a little because she is a fan of Diego and he invited her to see one of his shows. There they met, but nothing happened. They remained good friends until now that he is separated, then they move on.

Meanwhile, the panelist also said: “It’s called Martina Diaz, is a beautiful woman. and noor is it just the girlfriend, but what they tell me is that he is very much in love”. Meanwhile, on the screen they showed several photos of the young woman in question. In that sense, Mariana Brey provided more data. “She dated a soccer player for a long time, they did not end well, and when they separate, it coincides with this fanaticism of hers for Diego, which leads her to have a relationship, which at that time was rare for her partner at the time.”

Diego Torres had separated from Débora Bello at the end of November

On the other hand, on Monday, in the cycle of El Trece they also assured that Bello would also be starting a new romance, in his case with Nico Riera. The suspicions began, as usually happens, on social networks, where both were in charge of posting, at the end of March, photos from aspenplace where they went to vacation with a group of friends.

“They had the first date in Miami. He takes her to a hostel, she seems to die of love and, from there, she starts this whole relationship. Now they already have a honeymoon date.began by expressing Adrian Pallares about the first meeting of the fledgling couple. Y Rodrigo Lussich He added: “The destiny of love where they are going to spend a moment together in privacy, I do not know if to whiten or at least to enjoy, are the paradisiacal beaches of Costa Rica, on May 17”.

While, Brey, upon hearing the date, commented: “It’s a tremendous fact, because on the same date, Diego Torres sings in Argentina. Maybe Débora is traveling with her daughter, I don’t think Diego will bring his daughter here”. “I don’t think so, it’s a more romantic plan,” Lussich said. According to what they told weeks ago on the El Trece program, on the trip they made to Aspen, the actor and the model took “a traced photo.” “It is to show something and you will draw your conclusions”they assured.

Last DecemberTorres confirmed the separation of Bello in the program The night of Mirtha (ElTrece). “I think it’s a good opportunity to clear it up, we’re having a difficult time but we love each other very much. We have a daughter that we love, we treat each other very well. Long-term relationships have that, “said the artist.

In reference to Débora, he said “she is an exemplary mother and is present all the time.” “Are they going to fix it?” he asked. Mirtha Legrand, hoping that it happens. “Let’s see what time says,” replied the skeptical musician and gave more details of the separation. “Long relationships have twists and turns and this whole situation has not been easy. Due to the pandemic my work was affected and that also influences you as a person. The important thing is that we get along, we love each other very much and we are very calm people, ”she closed with a monotone and somewhat sad tone.


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Diego Torres would be a boyfriend five months after his separation from Débora Bello: who is the young woman who would accompany him

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