Disney Plus Reveals Marvel Studios Slate Including First Looks At Moon Knight & She-Hulk

Disney Plus revealed a massive slate of Marvel projects and gave subscribers a brief glimpse of its newest heroes.

moon knight and she-hulk

Disney+ Day was a huge gift to fans of both the House of Mouse and Marvel Studios. Along with announcements about upcoming Disney+ series, specials, and movies, Marvel Studios also revealed all of its upcoming projects, of which there are many. Fans who keep up with the latest Marvel news will likely be familiar with most of the upcoming projects but there were a couple of surprises in the bunch, as well as a sizzle reel available to Disney+ subscribers with the first (very brief) glimpses of Moon Knight and She-Hulk.

The Disney+ Twitter, which made fans wait all morning for any morsel of Marvel news, dropped all of its series announcements at once. Among some of the more well-known projects like Ms. Marvel and Secret Invasion were some more surprising reveals. This included a title reveal for the Agatha Harkness show that was previously announced. It will be known as Agatha: House of Harkness. Also dropped in was the official reveal that Marvel Studios would be reviving the 90s animated X-Men as a new series titled X-Men ’97.


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Also announced were three new animated projects: I Am Groot, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and Marvel Zombies. While there were no extended looks at any of these series, the title reveal for Freshman Year in Marvel’s reel seemed to suggest that the series may be taking inspiration from the visual style of 1960s Spider-Man comics. More series announced today include the eventual Hawkeye spinoff Echo, Armor Wars, and Ironheart.

Some of the most exciting reveals, however, included the first real peaks (however small they were) at Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk) and Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector (aka Moon Knight). The former is quickly seen in her human form doing yoga and heading into court, but her hulk form is teased with a brief glimpse at her green legs and arms (and what appears to be a version of her comic-inspired spandex suit). Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk also makes an appearance letting his cousin know that her transformations can be triggered by anger.

she-hulk tatiana maslany and mark ruffalo hulk Cropped

As for Moon Knight, the brief clips only give the smallest looks at Spector in full costume, but seem to focus more on Spector’s fractured psyche and how that will play into the character’s story. That being said, it appears that Spector will be donning his most recognizable Moon Knight outfit, complete with cape and hood.

moon knight costume disney plus series Cropped

The sizzle reel also offered some clips from Ms. Marvel, emphasizing Kamala Khan’s admiration for Captain Marvel, as well as her Islamic heritage. There is even a scene of her wearing a replica of Carol Danvers’ superhero outfit before trying out her powers, which is very reminiscent of Miles Morales starting out his Spider-Man career in a Halloween costume.

ms marvel kamala khan in costume Cropped

Along with all of these projects, Marvel also announced second seasons of both Loki and What If…?, making it clear that the next year or so is going to be jam-packed for MCU fans.

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Disney Plus Reveals Marvel Studios Slate Including First Looks At Moon Knight & She-Hulk