Disturbing turn in the scandalous separation of Piqué and Shakira: “It is disgusting how the deception was forged”

The Barcelona defender and the artist were together for 12 years

“This week I will take off your mask, Gerard Piqué. I will explain to the world how the great betrayal came about. I have already let Shakira know that I have proof of when, how and where you cheated on her.”

The scandal over the separation of Pique and Shakirawith the appearance of Clara Chia Marti As the footballer’s new girlfriend, she adds chapters day by day. This time, the journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martinwho follows the behind the scenes of the break from the first minute, and has been in a relationship with the couple since the beginning of the bond (12 years ago), warned in a Twitter thread that in the next few hours he will offer hot news.

This week several things will come out that do not leave Gerard in a good place. I will remove two infidelities. One from 2016 and Clara Chía Martí’s, which is terrible how she cheated on Shakira. It is disgusting how the deception was forged “he continued.

In the ex-couple’s bid, the chronicler and photographer defined himself as a defender of the artist: “To all Shakira’s followers, I have always been positioned with her. So I have sent it to her trusted team and to her closest relatives. Yesterday I let him know that all the evidence that I have and that can help him, I will send it to him”.

Indeed, Marti was in charge of taking the last public images of the singer with her children, Milan and Sasha, in the middle of a picnic. “I can say that Shakira is in very bad shape, emotionally she is devastated. I saw her more sad and desolate than ever. She even, she has needed psychological support, a Gerard Piqué was never expected like this”, he said a week ago. “He only asked me not to ask him questions in front of the children. And obviously it didn’t even cross my mind to do so. It was not easy at all for me to take these images,” she added.

The media complaint of the paparazzi occurs in the middle of the judicial bid between Gerard and the Colombian. Although the custody of the children seemed agreed, today there is talk that Piqué would have put new objections to the signing of the authorization for them to settle in Miami with their mother, in exchange for a package of first class plane tickets to visit them and a fixed amount of money (around 400,000 euros) to raise a debt. In addition, the division of assets, which would have been clouded by the appearance of a 20 million dollar plane, is heading towards the Courts.

Piqué and Clara Chía’s first public kiss, his new girlfriend

Moreover, Martin’s word does nothing more than support the theory that The relationship between Clara Chía and Piqué began long before June 4, when the defender and Shakira made the break official. In fact, images of a clandestine meeting of the player and his new girlfriend dating from February were released. But there would be much more.

At the time, the program TV Socialite He had told the “tricks” to which the 35-year-old footballer appealed, so as not to be discovered in his nightly wanderings. The favorite redoubt for the world champion in South Africa 2010 is a bar called La Traviesa. There, always according to the show, he attended accompanied by Riqui Puig, his former teammate on the culé campus. He arrived by taxi, never in one of his cars. He entered through a side door, located on a little-traveled street.

Inside, Piqué had a “reserved” room, surrounded by red curtains, to which only he defined who entered and who did not. Well, in the Iberian Peninsula they maintain that in said nightclub he met Clara Chía Martí, who worked there as a waitress. They even assure that he approached her with the offer to integrate her as an intern at her company, Kosmos.

Well, today she, 23, works as part of the firm’s staff in the organization of events. And Gerard and Clara do not hide. What’s more, they weren’t afraid to lend themselves to a magazine cover and exhibited themselves at the Summerfest Cerdanya, where the cameras caught them caramelized.

These images would have broken a pact, since the Spanish media They point out that there was an agreement between the artist and the player not to expose himself with new couples for a year. According to the aforementioned Martin, it is a strategy of the Barcelona benchmark, upset by the course of the bid for the custody of his children.

Gerard Piqué goes in the afternoons, with his new girlfriend, to his parents’ house, which is attached to Shakira’s house. And that has her totally devastated. The soccer player does not care that the singer can see them together. The relationship between Piqué and Shakira is going through its worst moment. Right now, Piqué wants revenge against Shakira. And he is executing that revenge, ”concluded the chronicler.


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Disturbing turn in the scandalous separation of Piqué and Shakira: “It is disgusting how the deception was forged”

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