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Doctor Strange 2 could bring back the original X-Men

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They want to turn Doctor Strange 2 into the craziest movie of all of Marvel Studios Phase 4 and that’s why they intend to include a cameo from the original X-Men.

Currently the informative focus is on Spider-Man 3, since every day new spectacular news about the plans they have come out. But Doctor Strange 2 not far behind and Kevin Feige plans to open up the multiverse beyond Sony’s original Spider-Man movies.

Now they reveal that they want to present cameos for the members of the first cast of the X-Men from the 2000 movie. It would basically be a fond farewell to the past, as the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe moves into the future with its own rebooted mutants.

They have not yet signed all the actors.

For now, it appears that no decisions have been made on which actors will return and furthermore the negotiations have not started. But surely all the fans want to see again in Doctor Strange 2 a Wolverine de Hugh Jackman, a Professor X of Patrick Stewart, a Cyclops de James Marsden, a Storm by Halle Berry ya Jean Grey the Famke Janssen.

Although for now it seems that Hugh Jackman is very pleased with his farewell to the character in Logan (2017) and does not enter into his plans to interpret again Wolverine on Doctor Strange 2. So we will have to wait to see if Kevin Feige manages to convince him.

It must be remembered that the current head of Marvel Studios and one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, Kevin Feige, has a personal connection to the early Fox X-Men movies. Since the first installment of 2000 was his film debut as a producer, he also participated in the 2003 sequel. Therefore it is normal that he wants to say goodbye to them and thus close the circle that began 20 years ago.

Doctor Strange 2 will be released on March 25, 2022. It will be interesting to see all the crazy things that its director Sam Raimi will prepare for us.

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