Does Amber Heard imitate Johnny Depp’s clothes? This is what fans of the actor think

The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has been one of the most viewed and commented on. From his most iconic phrases, Even his way of dressing has been the object of analysis by language and psychology professionals.

But to get to the Virginia trial itself, there is a context that starts almost ten years ago.

After meeting in 2012 and marrying in 2015, the couple divorced in May 2016, their breakup was just as controversial, as Heard accused the actor of hitting her, asking for a restraining order which was later withdrawn.

Years later, what seemed to have been another conflictive rupture in Hollywood became greater, when in December 2018 the actress wrote an article for ‘The Washington Post’ in which she defined herself as “a public figure who represents domestic abuse” and although he did not mention Depp directly, he was harmed by the controversial statements.

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In the trial, scandalous and contradictory testimonies about their relationship have been presented.

For 2019, Disney canceled the contract of the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, some say because of Heard’s claims and others because of complaints of bad behavior by the actor.

The truth is that, a year later, he sued his ex-wife for defamation for an amount of 50 million dollars to which Amber responded with a counterclaim for double the money.

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After being fired again, this time for the production of ‘Fantastic Animals’, and having lost a trial against the American media ‘The Sun’, Depp came to the stand again in 2021 to face his ex-partner for at least six weeks. .

Amber Heard looks

On April 11, the stage opened its doors for the two famous movie stars. The statements made by both parties have generated all kinds of controversies, since they have not been light at all.

However, a detail that could be overlooked among so many comings and goings, It is the clothing that each of the defendants has worn in court in Virginia.

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Twitter users began to analyze the looks that both involved wore and found great coincidences between the clothing worn by Johnny Depp and the one worn by Amber Heard. Apparently, the day after Depp wore something, his ex-wife dressed in colors, cuts and clothes very similar to his.

Although these “coincidences” have not occurred every day of the trial, they have occurred on more than three occasions.

The first day of judgment Depp wore a gray suit, a white collared shirt and a black tie with a bee pin. and on the second day, Amber wore a matching suit with a black shirt.

That day, Depp wore a dark blue suit, a dark blue shirt and a black tie. On the third day, the woman was wearing a dark suit, with a white shirt and a tie with a bee pin, much like the one her ex-husband wore the day before.

It’s a coincidence?

It is possible to analyze this type of behavior from psychology, some experts on the subject have given their point of view on the matter. Karen Pine, PhD in developmental psychology and professor at the University of Hertfordshire, he referred to the cognition invested when talking about people’s clothing. His investigations came to light again in light of this case.

Dressing alike means camaraderie, loyalty, the same tribe, the same army, the same school,” says the doctor.

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According to this, it could be interpreted that Heard would be sending this type of cognitive signals to Depp to generate greater empathy from him towards her and thus reduce the impact of his arguments during the trial.

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Does Amber Heard imitate Johnny Depp’s clothes? This is what fans of the actor think

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