Doña Cristy, mother of Christian Nodal, reappeared after overcoming cancer diagnosis

The first diagnosis indicated colon cancer

A few weeks ago Silvia Cristina Nodalbetter known as Christy Nodalalerted his followers to Instagram for a story that she shared in which she could be seen very exhausted, on a hospital bed, while narrating the illness she had suffered during the last month, before having to be hospitalized and notified of terrible news: was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the colon that had to be operated immediately to save her life.

Fortunately, everything was solved “miraculously” making the bad moment a second chance to live and continue supporting her son, Christian Nodalin his career that in recent months has been involved in controversy and morbidity due to his breakup with the pop singer Belinda.

Cristy Nodal is in good health (Photo: Instagram)
Cristy Nodal is in good health (Photo: Instagram)

“Thank you God for this opportunity of life! I know that many people are praying for my health, which I thank from the bottom of my heart! I had a month without being able to eat, I had no strength and everything went wrong every time. I have had countless tests done, but yesterday we received the news that I had a malignant tumor in the colon and they had to operate immediately. I never lost faith. Before doing the last exam, they saw that by the grace of God, when they checked my colon again, it was in perfect condition, leaving the doctors astonished. One case in a thousand, that’s what they said. miracles exist. Infinite thanks for each of his prayers to my family and my parents who do not let go of his hand, “said Christian Nodal’s mother in Instagram.

Nodal's mother posed with her favorite singer (Photo: Instagram/@cristy_nodal)
Nodal’s mother posed with her favorite singer (Photo: Instagram/@cristy_nodal)

Now, after the bad experience, Cristy Nodal posed very happy with one of her favorite singers after attending a concert in Guadalajara, showing that her health is better than ever and that the experience only helped her not to forget everything good for what it’s worth to live, as it is to meet a person you admire a lot. She was seen accompanied by the flamenco singer Diego Ramon Jimenez Salazarbetter known as The Cigala.

In recent days, Christian Nodal broke the silence after his breakup with Belinda and not only talked about how he experienced the separation duel, but also about what happened to the huge tattoo of his ex-partner’s eyes that was made on his chest, the viral theme of the ring and other questions about his media union with the interpreter of songs like In the dark, in love you have to forgive Y I Love You.. I Love You.

Photos: Instagram @cristy_nodal / Danniel Rojas @los_nodeli
Photos: Instagram @cristy_nodal / Danniel Rojas @los_nodeli

“Tattoos are a subject that I have been passionate about since I was little and I have always wanted to be part of it, I tattooed Adamari and it was super beautiful, from a message from her daughter, so I love that. I have tattooed friends and I would also love to give them an excellent treatment, “she commented, but about his controversial eyes she added:”I covered myself, I had some eyes I covered them with wings. (It was a design) of taste, I have two poles: I hate it or I’m passionate about it, I don’t have a middle ground”, all this in an interview with Laura G. for come the joy.

About Belinda, who has currently gone viral on social networks thanks to various interviews she has conducted in Madrid, Spain, where more than one has made her laugh out loud in talk show, The singer pointed out that he still did not want to give more details about the reasons why his commitment ended, so very briefly, but respectfully to the driver, he added that everything will remain a mystery since he did not mention anything and does not have the intention to do so.

I’m fine, but I don’t want to share what happened”, he confessed.


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Doña Cristy, mother of Christian Nodal, reappeared after overcoming cancer diagnosis

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