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E3 2021 conference and event schedules

E3 2021 returns in style with a large number of events and conferences from the most important publishers, here are all the schedules

After a year off due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, E3 is back in style. The most important publishers of the video game industry have not wanted to miss this special event, except for Sony and Electronic Arts. Then we will leave the schedules of each of the conferences announced for E3 2021. The established time corresponds to the Iberian Peninsula, if it helps you these are some of the time differences with other countries with respect to Spain.

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  • Argentina: 5 hours less.
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  • Mexico Pacific: 9 hours less.

NOTE: The conferences that we will broadcast on our channel Twitch they will be marked with the name in green.

Conference hours E3 2021

Thursday June 10

Summer Game Fest (20: 00H): Geoff Kighley has announced the presence of 30 titles, some new and others with long-awaited updates, for your event. It will have the presence of guests such as Jeff Goldblum or Giancarlo Exposito.

Friday June 11

Koch Primetime Gaming (21: 00H): The editor Koch Media, one of the most important at national and European level, they will bring us their new news with a stream under the umbrella of Summer Game Fest.

Saturday June 12

Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2 (17: 00H): Second part of the event that began on June 5. We will be able to see a large number of indie games, many of the promised 80 have yet to be revealed.

Wholesome Direct (19: 00H): Conference dedicated to “calm and relaxing” indie games, it is also part of the summer Game Fest.

Ubisoft (21: 00H): One of the main courses of E3, from the hand of the French editor and developer. You can follow this conference live from the Xbox Community Twitch channel.

Return Digital (22: 30H): The North American publisher focused on indie games will not miss this E3 2021 either.

Gearbox (23:00H): The creators of the Bordelands saga, will present their news to us in a small 30-minute conference.

Sunday June 13

Xbox & Bethesda (19: 00H): The Microsoft conference is possibly the one that has raised the most expectations this year. After a short year of exclusivities, we look forward to seeing the work being done by part of Remond’s 23 company studios. We will be broadcasting this conference on our Twitch channel with preview and comments when it ends, in the format of our Podcast.

Square Enix (9:15 p.m.): The Japanese developer and publisher will also present its novelties in this E3 2021, we will also broadcast the conference on our Twitch channel.

Warner Bros (23: 00H): Event focused on showing the publisher’s new title, Back 4 Blood.

PC Gaming Show (23:30H): 90-minute conference dedicated to showcasing new releases from the PC world.

Monday June 14

Take-Two (19:15H): The North American publisher will show the new titles of studios like 2K Games or Rockstar.

Limited Run Games (22:00H): The publisher plans to present 25 titles with physical edition during its conference in this E3 2021.

Capcom (23:30H): The Japanese developer and publisher will teach news about Monster Hunter Rise, Resident Evil Village and more surprises.

Tuesday June 15

Nintendo Direct (6:00 PM): Conference with the usual Nintendo format, in which we will see the news of the Japanese company.

Bandai Namco (23: 25H): The Japanese publisher will close this E3 2021, with great titles up its sleeve such as Elden Ring, Scarlet Nexus, Blue Protocol or Digimon Survive.

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