Emme Muñiz: from flirty dresses to androgynous fashion, the evolution of JLo’s daughter

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Emme Maribel Munizthe daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, has recently surprised by revealing that he identifies with fluid gender. She has always been in front of the camera lens because both parents enjoy fame and fortune thanks to music; it was almost impossible for her to stay away from the media and furthermore, for her not to be as talented as them. At 14 years old, after wearing flirty pink dresses, lives her identity freely betting on androgynous fashion to express her personality.

She prefers sporty looks and oversize clothes, she is a very particular example making the comparison with her mother who always wears a lot of glitter, mini dresses and extremely feminine clothes. They are a clear admiration of love, respect and empathy.

In her last appearance, her mother introduced her with a neutral pronoun on stage, which caused a stir and became the subject of conversation and admiration for weeks. We saw her later sharing moments with Seraphine, the daughter of Ben Affleck who shares a fluid gender identity with Emme. They have become great allies in this process of self-knowledge and acceptance.

Let’s remember the evolution of Emme with the few appearances with her parents from baby to teenager.

He was born on February 22, 2008, he has a twin brother named Max. At first, her parents wanted to keep their children away from the spotlight, but with their fame it was impossible, so they entered the list of the most followed and admired celebrity children.

Emme has always attracted attention because she is identical to her Puerto Rican mother; In addition, she inherited her great talent that has led her to stand out in international music, singing on big stages such as the half-time show of the superbowl where by the way, she was also accompanied by her daughter in a special mini-participation.

From a very young age, Jennifer López chose feminine looks with pastel colors to dress her daughter. He accompanied her to public events, catwalks or fashion shows where she showed the style formed by the also known as “Diva del Bronx”.

She accompanied her mother when she received her star on the Walk of Fame wearing a white Gucci dress with a headband, to a Chanel parade in Paris, to a movie premiere also accompanied by her brother Max.

Emme was growing up and her style was changing. She was spotted in 2018 at the MTV Awards where she attended in a satin blouse, skirt, tights, and metallic shoes. She caught her attention with her long curly but totally natural hair without having to go through any styling procedure.

Then he started singing with his mom. We heard her on the tour “It’s My Party: The Live Celebration” and later, as we mentioned, in the SuperBowl Half Time with Shakira. She quickly positioned herself as one of the young promises of music.

We were able to appreciate the great vocal talent that he inherited but in the same way he showed us that his style was changing. She was still a girly look with a skirt; however, she paired it with genderless details like chains and a sweatshirt. Similarly, he received some comments for his hairstyle that many called him disheveled for an event of such magnitude.

During the covid-19 pandemic Emme decided to start taking charge of her way of dressing and there were more notorious and important modifications. Being captured by the paparazzi with her mother, we could see that she was no longer the pink Emme that we were used to. Of course she drew attention.

She began to wear oversize clothes, she cut her hair, she began to dye it with fantasy colors such as green and pink, we saw her repeatedly wearing a cap and a disheveled and rebellious appearance with overshirts, large denim jeans and comfortable sneakers.

During the Blue Diamond Gala of the Dodgers Foundation in Los Angeles, he showed that his talent is extraordinary and the support of his mother immense. He introduced her with the pronoun “elle” making clear the identity of her daughter. She took advantage of the moment to sing with a microphone lined with crystals colored like the LGBT + flag and she wore a baseball outfit with a black cap and boots that made her position clear to us at 14 years old.

The important thing is that this way she feels comfortable and happy as well as having the support of her mother, Jennifer Lopez, and her boyfriend, Ben Affleck, who is going through the same process with his daughter Seraphine.

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Emme Muñiz: from flirty dresses to androgynous fashion, the evolution of JLo’s daughter

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