Enit al Qatar Travel Mart for the first time

Enit participates for the first time in the QTM Qatar Travel Mart international tourism fair scheduled in Doha until November 18, the first fair of its kind in the country, aims to support and strengthen the competitiveness of the tourism industry by bringing together inbound tourism and outgoing and providing a market for a mutual relationship.

The event will offer the most coveted travel destinations, real estate development projects and updated trends in luxury tourism, business, medical, sports, mice, halal tourism, leisure and cultural to the most demanding high-end market, providing insights and new perspectives for the future of tourism by bringing together companies presenting new products and trends in travel and tourism related technology. Enit exports Made in Italy Qatar Travel Mart as an engine of tourism: a corner dedicated to Italian lifestyle will be set up at the fair in the name of sustainability. The Italy brand will be present with promotional videos on the Bel Paese showing suggestive images of the Peninsula.

Italy’s participation was supported by the Italian ambassador to Qatar, Alessandro Prunas, in anticipation of the next edition of the World Cup scheduled in Qatar in autumn 2022. Italy is the only European country present at the fair and this could be a good opportunity to promote the destination. The numerous air connections, both direct with the Qatari company Qatar Airways, and through other carriers, will be able to increase arrivals from this country and from countries that have indirect connections to Italy. Qataris spend around 30 million euros in Italy (47 per cent of spending on holidays).

A research

Most of all they were interested in the cultural holiday (44.6 per cent of spending). If they come for business reasons, 16 percent of the total expenditure goes to trade fairs. Most of the expenditure belongs to the age group between 25 and 34 years (53.8 per cent).

Travelers from Qatar prefer central Italy especially Lazio and Tuscany (where they invest over 16 million euros or 55 percent of total spending) and the North West where they mainly prefer Lombardy (38.3 percent of spending). Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence are the most searched cities on Google by Qatari travelers looking for accommodation. Portofino, Como and Rimini among the favorite jewel-locations as well as the areas of the great lakes.

FOTO ENIT QATAR 1The research comes mainly from one of the Qatar municipalities, Ad-Dawhah, with nearly one million inhabitants. The main countries of the Middle East in general (Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) exceed € 370 million in spending on leisure travel in Italy, especially in Rome and Milan. The Italian cities of art are at the center of the interests of the Arab world, which has a preference for hotel accommodation in 80% of cases. “

Italy aims to conquer the more than 2 million inhabitants of Qatar – explains the President Enit Giorgio Palmucci – The beautiful country is becoming one of the favorite destinations of Arab tourism. Above all Milan, a favorite city, which for this reason is at the forefront to improve the reception of this type of tourism. A huge potential but still to be explored, a target for which the offer must be best calibrated both in terms of hospitality and food & beverage, satisfying the needs of an attentive clientele with specific needs from halal food to the prayer mat available. in the rooms and also taking into account extended families who often travel with service personnel and therefore need adjoining rooms or suites ”concludes Palmucci.

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Enit al Qatar Travel Mart for the first time