Enit: meeting on tourism interests between Italy and Brazil

Meeting of Nations in Enit. “We start from here to resume the dialogue and strategic partnership with Italy”. Thus the Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro Claudio Bonfim de Castro e Silva at the head of a delegation that last night visited the National Tourism Agency chaired by Giorgio Palmucci.

Together with the carioca government exponent also the secretary of state of the civil house Nicola Miccione, the secretary of state for economic development Vinicius Medeiros Farah, the secretary of state for the environment and sustainability Thiago Pampolha Goncalves, the deputy of the state of Rio Andrè Gustavo Pereira Correa da Silva, the councilor of the Brazilian Embassy in Rome Durval Carvalho and various exponents of communications and state staff.

The delegation was welcomed by the diplomatic advisor to the Italian tourism minister Massimo Garavaglia, Simone Landini, the managing director Enit Roberta Garibaldi, the president Enit Giorgio Palmucci and the marketing sirmess Enit Maria Elena Rossi. A diplomatic visit aimed at symbolically and physically resuming relations between the two nations and drawing up plans for the future.

“Italy is fundamental for Brazil and for Rio, underlined Governor Bonfim. It is part of the nation-building process. It is present in the daily life of Brazilians. Italy is the fourth most important destination for the inhabitants of Rio. After this period from which we are still trying to recover, Italy has resumed being the first place most visited by Cariocas and Brazilians. An ecological tourism that looks to the future. We are here to restart together with the projects undertaken in the past ».

Perspectives shared by Landini: «The meeting comes at an intense moment in Italy-Brazil relations. Our respective foreign ministers met. And the message that emerged from the meetings is to strengthen the strategic relationship between Italy and Brazil in all sectors. So we also hope in the tourism field ».

Giorgio Palmucci, who donated the historical book Enit “Promoting beauty” to the delegation and received an equivalent volume on the churches of Rio, underlined how “Italy is ahead of the wishes of overseas tourists and Brazilians in particular. . In the world, the desire to come and visit the Peninsula has never stopped and continues to be one of the first destinations of preference, as also shown by the researches and mentions on social networks where Italy is among the most clicked words. It is also the absolute leader in long-range tourism: a quarter of tourists from outside Europe come to Italy. The Peninsula continues to show resilience, versatility, as well as creativity. A renewed ability to get involved with a propensity for modernization processes, technological support, sustainability ».

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Enit: meeting on tourism interests between Italy and Brazil