Erika Buenfil: this is how her son Nicolás met his father, Ernesto Zedillo Jr.

Erika Buenfil She confesses that in her youth she was very engaged, but she only talks about those who transcended: the singer Óscar Athié, with whom she had a decade-long relationship; a short romance with Luis Miguel; or Luc -a Canadian man- who thought it would be love for life. But among those stories and others, the one she had with the son of a former Mexican president was the one that allowed her to fulfill a life dream: to become a mother.

Before being known as the queen of tiktokErika Buenfil was one of the most popular and requested actresses in almost all entertainment scenarios: from her soap operas on Televisa (learning to love, Love in silence, Marisol); important roles in theateras you wish, A moving dinner); at the cinema (horror graveyard, grave robbers); to outstanding jobs as a driver (XE-TU, Today).

Her fame or her beauty were indisputable for no one, as happened one night in the port of Acapulco (Guerrero)a paradise where the rich and the famous of the moment gathered, and where Erika Buenfil and Ernesto Zedillo Jr, eldest son of Zedillo, met for the first time. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, the last president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)before another party ruled in Mexico.

After two more meetings, Buenfil and Zedillo Jr. would have started a relationship that ended in 2005 due to an unexpected event: the actress was finally pregnant. And his then-partner, the former president’s son, did not feel prepared to share the responsibility (in addition to the fact that at the beginning of that year, he had married).

The identity of the father of Erika’s future son was revealed by the journalist Inés Gómez Mont in 2008 on the program windowing.

Erika Buenfil with her son Nicolás in 2013. (Photo: Ángel Delgado/ via Getty Images).

Erika Buenfil with her son Nicolás in 2013. (Photo: Ángel Delgado/ via Getty Images).

Buenfil recently had a talk with Isabel Lascuráin for her YouTube channel, where she spoke about the relationship with his ex-partner and how it affected the life of their son, Nicolás. “I told him (Nicolas’s father), and he didn’t want to, ‘no, I’m not ready’ and I told him ‘I’m going to have it’, ‘let me know, any decision you make, let me know, but I’m not ready’. At that time he was very young, I caught him very young (there is a difference of twelve years between them), I cried, it was scary.

Without the support of her son’s father, the protagonist of The cat She decided to go ahead with the pregnancy, fulfilling her maternal wish that she had been seeking for years. “A parade of decisions began, it changes your life, and in my case as an artist, as a single mother, it changed me more. They were very hard times, I was afraid and I didn’t know how I was going to do it, what’s more I don’t know how I’ve done,” he confessed to the member of the musical trio Pandora.

I remember my dad’s words perfectly… dads know, right? And they touch your soul. and he told me ‘you have so much love to give, that you will have someone to give all that love to, I congratulate you and give him my last name’; my mom hugged me and told me ‘you dedicate yourself to him body and soul’.Erika Buenfil

What happened?

What happened?

Becoming a single mother was a decision that has filled Buenfil with pride and she defends tooth and nail. In August 2020, when the confinement due to the covid pandemic continued, Erika dared to venture into the short video platform TikTok, reaching a spike in her popularity due to the simplicity and almost innocence that she printed in her recordings. .

However, not everyone liked his new facet, as the host José Origel expressed in his program Excuse mebut his partner Martha Figueroa, who came out to defend the new influencerinvolved his son in a way that provoked the anger of the actress: he referred to Nicolás as “little Zedillo”.

In a meeting with the media, Buenfil referred to that episode and blamed Origel, “I’m not going to forgive him; let him reflect and take care of his nose before speaking and that he doesn’t touch my son, because he (Zedillo Jr. ) does not pay me a steak or a tuition from Nicolás Buenfil “. After solving who said what, the actress has made it clear that she is still offended with the driver.

But, then, is there really no relationship between father and son?

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Nicolás Buenfil, now 17 years old, knew from an early age that his maternal family would be the only one to be present. But like any child, doubts about who and where his father was began to arise when he started going to school.

“At about 8 years old, at school I told them a little about how the dynamic was going to be with Nicolás as I was a single mother. (They made) a dynamic about what your father does, what your mother does, because they are not together, etc. Nicolás decides, in his case, to say that his parents are divorced, and thus he solved the problem of anyone asking him about his father. They come from school to tell me and I ask Nicolás ‘why do you say that your parents are divorced?’ divorced?’, ‘I don’t like to say that he is not with us, I prefer to say that they are divorced,'” Buenfil told Lascuráin.

A year later, the doubt arose again about what her father was like, and the actress solved it by searching for a photo of Ernesto Zedillo Jr. on Google “she was super calm.” But Nicolás persisted in the dream of physically meeting his father, an event that has already happened.

Without delving into details about when the adults reestablished communication, or the date “at some point we passed the phones”, the actress revealed the dramatic meeting between father and son, in which he was not present.

“(I was with a friend) in a restaurant, a call comes in and he tells me (Nicolás) ‘Mom, he is trying to contact me, that he wants to meet me, that he is coming home,'” Buenfil said. The news caught her completely off guard and she decided to head home, but before she spoke to her ex-partner, “I set him, ‘yes, don’t worry, I’m going to his house,’ because it was going to be Nicolás’s birthday, which was going to take your gift.

The drama began at that moment, as the actress recalled, because it began to rain in torrents, her transfer by vehicle was complicated, she began to pray, but nothing lightened her path…

Life didn’t want me to come… ‘don’t go! They have to get to know each other alone, and they have to complain or they have to talk to each other alone’.Erika Buenfil

He never made it to the meeting and when he did, he saw his son sitting on the stairs in front of his house “he tells me ‘mom, no m*m*s'”. For him it was like an impact “so much so that the first thing Nicolás did was share a photo with his father to his schoolmates,”for him it was something very good, it was like shaking, like standing up and saying ‘yes I have a person and he exists’. But the coolest part of the situation was that the youngsters of today (said) ‘ah, that’s good’, and continued playing. What can be a tragedy for adults, the kids took it lightly, and that’s how it was“.


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Erika Buenfil: this is how her son Nicolás met his father, Ernesto Zedillo Jr.

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