Evaluna after being a mother, reappears more beautiful than ever

After having become mom for the first time at the beginning of this month of April, the famous actress and singer Evaluate Montanerhas boasted in their social networks as it looks today.

After the Montaner family announced the arrival of a new member, the first son of Mau, son of Ricardo Montaner, Evaluna was seen on her social networks with important changes after her arrival at the maternity.

This is how Evaluna Montaner shows her physical transformation days after giving birth to the baby Indigo, who has been loved by millions of fans of the singer and her husband Camilo.

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With a couple of photographs where we see her made up with products from a famous brand for young people, Evaluna was seen as more than beautiful and enjoying her motherhood.

As expected, Evaluna’s followers have quickly sent him messages full of affection in this new stage.

And it is that, as you may remember, he had not appeared as such on his social networks, he had only spoken for his first seven years as a couple.

In this way, with two looks that highlight the color of her lips, Evaluna Montaner looks radiant and happy, since Indigo’s arrival was also like a miracle, since doctors had assured her that she could not have babies.


On the other hand, the little girl of the couple already has her godmother destined and she is a person very close to the family circle.

As it became known through a publication on the famous Instagram social network, the lucky one would be Manuela Echeverry, the sister of the singer Camilo.

In fact, it was she who recently released the exciting news on her social networks.

The young woman shared her emotion with her more than 151 thousand followers in her stories, because it is undoubtedly something that fills her with emotion and joy.

Happy day to the most beautiful goddaughter ”, she wrote, making it clear that she is the one chosen to be Indigo’s godmother.

In addition, the photograph leaves us with another revelation, since in it you can see that Camilo’s sister had the word Indigo tattooed on her shoulder, demonstrating the great love she has for her future goddaughter.

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Evaluna after being a mother, reappears more beautiful than ever

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