Evelyn Beltrán, Toni Costa’s girlfriend, answers exclusively if it bothers her that I talk about Adamari in ‘The House of Celebrities’

Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltran. Photo: Courtesy Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán

Photo: Courtesy Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán / Courtesy

In the week that Toni Costa is the leader of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and therefore has immunity, his girlfriend, Evelyn Beltrán, who we see very active in networks supporting him, speaks exclusively with us and reveals how proud she is of her partner and how she misses him.

Also tells what he meant when he spoke of a ‘new stage in his life’ and, for the first time, reveals what he feels and whether or not it bothers him that Toni talks so much on Telemundo’s reality show about his ex, Adamari López.

Tony Costa
Tony Coast. Photo: Telemundo

-Toni is the leader of the week, in a week that seemed like he was going to be nominated, how do you feel about that?

Evelyn Beltran: I feel very proud of him. About the race I won, Toni is a super competitive man and he likes challenges, and I didn’t expect anything less from him.

-Do you think there is a plot against Toni?

Evelyn Beltran: I think that many people in the house of celebrities weren’t prepared to see Toni go this farsince he started out being very quiet, and now that you see that he has woken up and is standing out, they want in another way to put him in nomination.

-How do you see Toni inside the house?

Evelyn Beltran: My Toni has surprised me, already surprised many people… He is a super intelligent man with super beautiful values.. He is very clear about who he is, although many people take it differently, as if he is weak when he is the opposite. Of all of them, he is the one who has grown the most in the house as a person. He has gone through many tests in the house that have made him much stronger and I feel very proud. Yes, she misses her daughter, her family, and I know she misses me a lot. also. Words are not enough for how proud I am.

-You who know him, how does he feel?

Evelyn Beltran: He feels happy and calm for everything he has done in the house. He always mentions it and says that this project would be a great door for the future, and the truth is that he is achieving it. Day after day we see that he really enjoys everything that happens in the house, and has found many beautiful friends in that place.

-We are almost in the final stretch, how were these months for you without Toni?

Evelyn Beltran: Oh! These almost 2 and a half months… What can I tell you. They have been very difficult because physically I don’t have my life partner. It was difficult to wake up every morning, and not have someone to talk to about my day to day. We knew this would be, and it is, a great test for the love we have for each other and I am not surprised that we are getting along super wellbecause before he entered we talked about everything to everything… Today I miss him, but as I told him, since you are there, stay for 3 months and fight for that big dream that you have, which is to win.

Evelyn Beltran and Toni Costa
Evelyn Beltran and Toni Costa. Photo: Evelyn Beltrán and Toni Costa

-What is the first thing you will tell him when you finally meet?

Evelyn Beltran: I think that The first thing I’m going to do is run and hug him very, very, very much.. I’ll tell her how proud I am of the work she did on the house, and it makes sense to let her know that I still love her even more than before. I will also tell you that thanks to this project I have met many very beautiful people, many women who look for me and write to me and care.who are now my family. We call them: ‘Toni’s aunts and uncles in the house’. Thanks to these spectacular women I have been able to be in peace and quiet, because they have been my greatest support at this stage. I will forever be grateful to them.

-Many say that Toni talks too much about Adamari, does it bother you?

Evelyn Beltran: What was not in my year does not hurt me. Her ex-partner was an important person in Toni’s life, because? Because they have a spectacular girl that Toni loves madly, and she’s basically a big part of the story of who Toni is today. It was almost 10 years, and people are very surprised by my mature attitude towards the relationship they have now. As Toni says, love transforms, and like all parents they have children who will always unite them for life.. He doesn’t bother me at all, when he speaks it’s because they ask him, and with all due respect he answers.

-You have shared on networks that a new stage is coming for youi, what do you mean?

Evelyn Beltran: I am always a woman of challenges and challenges, and I never like to stay the same as last year, I really like to learn and grow. I think the sky is the limit and if you have a dream you have to run after it.. The new stage of my life is to start my career as a medical assistant in a company where they help people. I feel very happy with my new project, and I know that very soon I will continue to achieve all my goals.



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Evelyn Beltrán, Toni Costa’s girlfriend, answers exclusively if it bothers her that I talk about Adamari in ‘The House of Celebrities’

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