expected decisions on opening up to adolescents

While all adults can be vaccinated against Covid-19 since Monday morning, it is now towards adolescents that eyes are turning. The High Authority for Health (HAS) is due to decide this week on the possibility of vaccinating them. According to Professor Alain Fischer, chairman of the vaccine strategy steering committee, 16-17 year olds will be the first on the list. For this age group, “We have all the authorizations possible, at least for the Pfizer vaccine. So I think it’s a matter of days ” before the decision is made, he estimated on LCI, Sunday, May 30 in the evening, adding that the vaccination of these young people could begin “At the very beginning of summer”.

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Visiting this Monday in a vaccination center in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (Val-de-Marne), accompanied by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, Prime Minister Jean Castex affirmed that the government would move forward on this subject this week, “After the defense council” which is held on Wednesday morning. However, the Prime Minister warned: this “Must not distract us from the objective of finding all our fellow citizens who remain the most vulnerable to the disease”, elderly or suffering from co-morbidities. ” This is essential “, and “That has always been France’s vaccination strategy: first the most vulnerable, and then everyone”, he insisted.

For now, the only minors who can be vaccinated against Covid-19 in France are those aged 16 to 18 with certain serious diseases (around 10,000 to 20,000 people according to the authorities) or close to immunocompromised people.

Achieve group immunity

On LCI, Sunday, the Pr Fischer recalled the difficulties caused by the pandemic among young people, certainly less affected by the serious forms of Covid-19. “Some adolescents have suffered a lot from this confinement situation, from difficulties in their study or learning life. Especially those who are in the most difficult social conditions, explains the Chairman of the Vaccine Strategy Steering Committee. We have to get out of that, and one of the major components is vaccination. “ The more so as for the “Mr. Vaccine” of the government, this will make it possible to limit the transmission of the virus since“They will therefore participate in group immunity”.

Professor Fischer was also in favor of the vaccination of 12-15 year olds, for whom the European Medicines Agency gave the green light on Friday. “The question is when?, he added. And it is more a practical question of availability of doses and organization between the summer and the start of the school year. “ According to him, “We could imagine involving health professionals in schools”.

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Objective of 30 million vaccinated by mid-June

Besides vaccinating adolescents, Mr Castex said the government would move forward after the defense council on the subject “The organization of the vaccination campaign during the summer”, and on that “People who have had the virus have developed antibodies”, for which it is necessary “To know if we can or not, and under which sanitary conditions, dispense them from a second dose of vaccine”.

To date, 25.5 million adults have received a first dose. “The objective of 30 million mid-June is within our reach”, considered the Prime Minister, specifying that France, which received 12 million doses in April and 15 million in May, will receive 27 in June.

While looking forward to “The resumption of economic activities”, the prime minister called on the French to “Respect progressivity” deconfinement, and “Do not let your guard down”. It is necessary “Continue to respect barrier gestures until further notice”, he repeated.

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