Famous book adaptations that their writers hated when they saw the movie

That a book has been chosen to be transferred to the cinema must mean enormous pride for its original writer. Over the years we have seen that this has happened on multiple occasions and we can name a few examples: “”, “Narnia”, ““, among others.

However, the authors of these works are not always satisfied with the product that is shown on the giant screen due to some details that are not shown as they wanted or because they are omitted, making a big difference between the book and the movie.

On this occasion, we will mention some films that the writers did not like, according to a list prepared by the website of .


“I’m legend”

As much as the film starring Will Smith was a box office success, the writer of the book, Richard Mathenson, was not satisfied with what was presented in theaters.

“I don’t know why Hollywood is fascinated with my book when they never mind filming it the way I wrote it”Mathenson commented, referring to several details being changed.

“I Am Legend” is one of the best films starring Will Smith (Photo: Warner Bros)

“Forrest Gump”

The famous movie starring Tom Hanks was not liked by the author Winston Groom because several sexual points were omitted in the book that better explained the story.

“Don’t let anyone make a movie about your story. It doesn’t matter if they do it right or wrong.”Groom said.

Thanks to "Forrest Gump"Tom Hanks gained worldwide fame (Paramount Pictures)
Thanks to “Forrest Gump”, Tom Hanks gained worldwide fame (Paramount Pictures)

“The glow”

Although this film has been considered one of the greatest demonstrations of a good horror film, Stephen King was dissatisfied, precisely because of the main character, because his transition to total madness was not seen as he would have liked.

“I think ‘The Shining’ is a beautiful movie, but it’s like a nice big Cadillac with no engine inside”King detailed.

"The glow" originally released in 1980 (Photo: Warner Bros.)
“The Shining” was originally released in 1980 (Photo: Warner Bros.)

“A Clockwork Orange”

The film is already a classic of world cinema, but Anthony Burgess regrets that his work has been taken to the cinema, because according to him a wrong message was seen.

“I have spent much of my life making declarations of intent and frustration of intent, while Kubrick and my New York publisher quietly enjoyed the rewards of their misconduct.”were some of his words.

"clockwork orange" It was highly acclaimed by specialized critics (Photo: Warner Bros.)
“A Clockwork Orange” was highly acclaimed by critics (Photo: Warner Bros.)



Since it premiered”, the most beloved and funniest characters in the film were the Minions, little yellow creatures that served as . Thus, that have them as protagonists have been a success. On this occasion, “Minions: a villain is born”, has decided to make several references to well-known movies and series.

The second installment of “Minions” has as its starting point the origins of Gru as a villain. Throughout the story, she tries to impress the “Vice 6 ″, the world’s largest group of thugs, which is led by Donna Disco. .

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Famous book adaptations that their writers hated when they saw the movie

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