Fernanda Castillo returns to her great passion after a couple of difficult but wonderful years

Fernanda Castillo’s first great love (beyond her fiancé Erik Hayser and their little son, Liam) is not a man: it’s about the theater. And it is to the theatrical stage that she returns after a long absence (her last play was ‘Sisters’ in 2019) in ‘Seven Times Goodbye’, a musical —yes, a musical— written by Janette Chao (one of the most famous mentors who has had the perennial reality show ‘La Academia’) and directed by the famous YouTuber Alan Estrada, who has sought to break the mold of the musical and not only in the scenic aspect, but in the way of doing theater in Mexico, something that the blonde actress considers very important.

Fernanda Castillo with César Enriquez and Gustavo Egelhaaf at the premiere of ‘Seven Times Goodbye’ in Mexico City. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images)

After participating in the final season of ‘Monarca’ and after dedicating herself full time to motherhood – something that at the time was very delicate and put her life at risk – Fernanda became enthusiastic about a project that made her leave her house .

“A pandemic, a pregnancy, a child has already passed. A life has passed almost since I last stepped on a stage,” said the actress, and that led her to get involved in the creation of a character that is very unique in the wide gallery that has performed in television series, soap operas, movies and other scenarios: a woman who celebrates life with a different sensibility and vision of the world, a woman who represents many other women in the world in the same situation; the different seasons of love.

On stage, Castillo and her colleague Gustavo Egelhaaf (who also has an acclaimed stage career) play “She” and “He”, a couple who represent any couple, in order to talk about the ups and downs of the love relationships in the 21st century and question the concept of perfect romantic love that movies, series and novels have fed us for centuries.

For its part, the various aspects of the couple’s history are narrated by the character of “L’Amore”, played by the famous cabaret actor César Enríquez, who is a representation of total love and who narrates the story to unite all the universes that exist in the work, which is not a musical to use: the protagonists do not sing nor is there an ensemble of actors (as in traditional ones), but there are two parallel universes: that of the musicians and that of the actors, that intertwined create a story.

The main reason she agreed to be in the play, according to Fernanda, apart from the innovative concept, was that it allowed her to come home every night to be with Liam when he woke up. “I didn’t accept any job that would take me too far from home, or from my baby; but I also accepted this job because I think I have to lead by example and teach him that when something touches your heart, do it, so that he learns to realize himself as human being and as a person because in the end that is what gives us happiness”.

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Fernanda had worked 15 years ago with Estrada and Chao on the first version of ‘Today I Can’t Get Up’ and meeting them on this production revitalizes her and makes her happy, since, as she pointed out, it’s like being the young people who they were at that time, but with more experience and ready to accumulate more, while the season lasts.


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Fernanda Castillo returns to her great passion after a couple of difficult but wonderful years

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