Fernando del Solar: they reveal the real reason why he died

Before the surprising death of the dearest Argentine driver, Fernando del Solarhis widow, the life coach Anna Ferro revealed the real reason why she diedand that would have triggered the sadness and great desolation caused by the departure of his father, just two and a half weeks ago.

the widow of Fernando del Solarwhom he considered the love of his life and with whom he shared the last 4 years of his existence, anna ferrobroke the silence and, as Fer would have wanted, offered a press conference to address the doubts of the public that he loved and followed the 49-year-old driver, former head of the program come the joythroughout his fruitful career.

With a broken face and covered in tears, anna ferro expressed his eternal love for his life partner, assuring that he will always live in his memory and honor for the rest of his life following his legacy of giving hope to those suffering from canceras he had since 2018, when he was diagnosed.

“Fer was always that transparent, whole man, full of light and a lot of love. I believe that life and things always happen for something, and having found him in my life, and me on his way, complementing us a lot. That is why it is very painful to be able to say goodbye to a being of light. Few men like him ”, expressed his now widow.

What did Fernando del Solar die of?

Though not long ago Fernando del Solar completely defeated the lung cancer that kept his life hanging by a thread for so many years, physical wear and, above all, on his lungs, was what caused him not to resist and he died, after a simple flu, which became pneumonia.

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“It was very sudden. You, as you know, he came out of cancer, and his lungs were very affected by 20 radiations, 59 chemotherapies with which he fought, and he succeeded. If he left, it was due to pneumonia, for him a flu was becoming something very strong, and he did not succeed, he did not succeed, but he fought it, and it was very sudden, “he announced.

Likewise, anna ferro explained that although Fernando del Solar I was strong, and I really wanted to live, after the death of his fatherjust 2 and a half weeks ago, on June 12, he could never recover from the immense pain caused by his departure, so his defenses lowered, causing a simple flu to get complicated, to the point that it caused his death.

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“You know that two and a half weeks ago his father passed away, it made him very sad, and it was a very strong sadness for him, which cost him a lot of work to overcome and his defenses lowered. He started with a normal flu and it worsened to pneumonia, ”he detailed.

The pilates teacher and spiritual coach stated that, although she is devastated and devastated by the loss of the love of her life, she is calm because she accompanied him until his last breath, and told him everything he wanted him to know, but I don’t know. left with nothing pending.

“I am left with his light, his love, his integrity and his clarity and his sharing was always given with open hands. he was always a very transparent and very loving man. Perhaps many were able to contact him and learned of his light and his love. I ask that we continue his legacy,” he said.

His children said goodbye to him

On the other hand, Anna Ferro pointed out that both her mother and her children Luciano and Paolo Cacciamani Coronadochildren of the also driver and former Garibaldi ingrid coronadothey already came early to say goodbye to him and “close that cycle”.

He added that, as the last wishes of the host of programs such as sexes at war, The academy Y Today, his ashes will rest in Mexico, and not in Argentina where he was born, because he lived his entire life in this country. Likewise, he stated that they will watch over him for several days, since Fer was a faithful believer that in this process his spirit will continue in this world, so he will have the opportunity to visit everyone he loved.

“I wanted to do this because I know he is what I would have wanted. Yesterday I didn’t want to see them, I’m honest, but today I decided because he grew up here, he spent most of his life in Mexico rather than in Argentina, and he made his career here, that’s why, that’s why I’m here, not because me, but for love of him”, he acknowledged.

Finally, Anna said she felt devastated, but very happy and proud to have been part of the life of Fernando del Solarwho lived to the fullest the short time he had of life.

“Shattered, I just wish he would come back, but I know he isn’t. He was clinging to life, and he did want to be with us still, but his body was too small for him, he needed something bigger, that’s why he left. He won the battle against the disease, since 2018, ”she pointed out.

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Fernando del Solar: they reveal the real reason why he died

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