Ferrari announces it will no longer sell cars to Justin Bieber

the canadian Justin Bieber He received a sanction from the Italian vehicle company Ferrari, for having painted his 458 Italia model neon blue.

The singer painted his car, even knowing that the company requires a standard of use and maintenance for all vehicle owners of its brand.

For example, Ferrari is prohibited from selling the car during the first year of ownership. In the event of wanting to do so, this must be notified in advance to the Italian bodywork brand.

Before having painted the car, the singer of Peaches had incurred in various actions considered inappropriate for Ferrari. In 2016, for example, he left his car in a parking lot for two weeks. In addition, according to the British media The Times, put the car up for auction for a charity event, conduct that is prohibited under any circumstances by Ferrari. The newspaper also reported that in the past Bieber had put non-brand-approved fenders and wheels on his 458 Italia.

The most serious thing is that Bieber was involved in two traffic accidents while driving his car. It should be noted that the Italian house requires, from all owners, a code of conduct to maintain the prestige of the brand, so all the offenses committed by the Canadian have meant that he is prohibited from buying another car of the brand.

Other celebrities banned by Ferrari

Although the ban on Justin Bieber caused a stir around the world, the singer is not the first celebrity to be banned by the brand of the prancing horse. the star of the reality shows Americans, Kim Kardashian, is another of the restricted celebrities. As it turned out, she received a Ferrari as a wedding gift in 2011, from someone related to fraud, so the car brand decided to prohibit future purchases.

The famous undefeated former boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr, is another of the banned. His fortune makes him one of the athletes with the most purchasing power in the world and cars are one of his weaknesses. On repeated occasions, Floyd assured that he could have as many Ferrari cars as he wanted, but his fame of discarding the vehicles after exhibiting them for a few short months, made the Italian company veto the boxer.

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Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage is added to the list. In this case, the decision of the brand lies in a matter of economic security, to avoid possible problems of this nature with the celebrity. Although Cage is one of the professionals with the highest hierarchy in the industry, on many occasions he went through difficult financial problems, which is why the brand prefers not to establish commercial relations with the actor.

Another famous ban is the late car collector Preston Henn. In the incredible lot he features a Ferrari 275 GTB/C with chassis number 6885, valued at more than $80 million and considered the most expensive vehicle in the world. However, before his death in 2016, the billionaire tried to buy a Ferrari Aperta for $ 1 million, but the Italian company rejected his purchase without explanation.

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Ferrari announces it will no longer sell cars to Justin Bieber

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