Fiavet Piemonte continues with its eductours: Mondovì

Piedmont again in eductour with Fiavet Piemonte: stage number nine in Mondovì. “We will not stop – says the president Gabriella Aires – from these trips a small group of colleagues was born, determined to team up and promote Piedmont”.

He collaborated in the organization of the tour Emanuela Galleano with its Bus Company, a historic company in the transport of people in Piedmont, and with Linea Verde Viaggi, the brand dedicated to school tourism and short-haul by coach. He accompanied the agents of Fiavet Elena Vassallo, tour guide of Piedmont and collaborator of Linea Verde Viaggi.

Medieval and Baroque, Mondovì is the capital of Monregalese, the beautiful region of hills lying between the Langhe and the valleys climbing up to the majestic setting of the Alps already sprinkled with snow.

Also in Mondovì Fiavet Piemonte received the warm welcome of the city institutions, with the president of Ascom Mondovì Carlo Giorgio Comino and the vice president Mattia Germone; Erika Chiecchio, councilor for the environment, mobility and public green, brought the greeting of mayor Paolo Adriano and councilor for tourism Luca Olivieri.

Brindisi al Rakikò con il Comune Ascom e Bus Company“We are convinced – said Chiecchio – that only a high quality of life can attract valuable tourism to our territory, scattered with places that history and man have made unique and fascinating, excellent agri-food companies and ‘craftsmanship’. Those that animate the many fairs organized by the La Funicolare association led by Mattia Germone: just concluded ‘Peccati di Gola’, on the street and in the clubs for a weekend with the infinite specialties of here: Raschera cheese, the over 40 labels of Enoteca Golosa, mushrooms, apples, truffles, chestnuts, biscuits and much more.

The famous icon of Mondovì are the hot air balloons: great anticipation in January 2022 for the XXXII International Aerostatic Meeting of the Epiphany, with balls and pilots from all over the world who come here to take the patent and challenge the Italians who grew up at school by pioneer John Aimo, founder 40 years ago ofAero Club Mongolfiere Mondovì.

The nerve center of Mondovì is as well the historic Funicular recovered in 2006 by Giorgetto Giugiaro and operated by Bus Company: in 544 meters of ascent it connects Breo, the lower industrial city, to the elegant Piazza, the aristocratic upper city with its Baroque and Renaissance palaces. Where we see that Mondovì is also the City of Time, scattered with ancient and modern sundials, with the Clock Tower with its original educational path on the panorama of the Belvedere.

In Piozzo, the Baladin brewery: it is the company of Teo Musso, the man who triggered the phenomenon of craft beer in Italy. Energetic and visionary entrepreneur Musso accompanied us in person – telling his story of experiments, mistakes, relaunches and success – among the sparkling and intriguing installations of the brewery, housed in an old farmhouse: intact on the outside, hyper-technological and aseptic inside, with educational area, bakery oven and a small original b & b, surrounded by a large park, a little circus and a little brewery capable of over 700 seats in summer. Around 240 hectares of malt and hops, “because we control the entire product chain”. A story in itself, proud and full of passion, within the history of Mondovì and its people. Of those that make the charm of a place. Not to be missed, also because the beer is superb.

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Fiavet Piemonte continues with its eductours: Mondovì