Florinda Meza rejected that she will sue Shakira for ‘plagiarizing’ the garrotera of “El Chavo del Ocho”

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Between his scandalous separation from Gerard Piqué and the legal battle for the custody of his two childrenShakira sparked controversy on social networks for Congratulations, a song that he released this 2022 in collaboration with Rauw Alejandro. And it is that Internet users not only put on the table that the composition would be a hint for the footballeralso highlighted alleged similarities between his choreography and the garrotera of The Chavo of 8.

As expected, in social networks endless videos began to circulate comparing the “robotic” steps of the Colombian with the physical reaction that did the famous character created and embodied by Roberto Gómez Bolaños when he was very afraid. Due to the success of the song and the reach of The guy from 8 in Latin America speculation began about the possibility that Florinda Meza -widow of Chespirito– take legal action against Shakira for alleged plagiarism.

A user on Tiktok compared Roberto Bolaños’ performance to Shakira’s famous dance on the single ‘Te Felicito’. Tiktok:@martintacanf

However, during the morning of this Tuesday, August 23 Mrs. Florinda went to your account Twitter to deny that he is considering suing the singer for her dance steps and lashed out at those who spread the rumors because he considers that they only did it to gain notoriety on social networks.

To all public opinion: The news that I am going to sue Shakira is FALSE. Sometimes, to sell or gain likes, the media and social networks make up stories. There is no basis in this news. I have never said anything about it. It’s a lie.

As expected, her tweet went viral and many users of the platform questioned her about why she had denied the rumors if it was all a joke and very few think that it is true that Shakira was inspired by The kid to perform your choreography. In this regard, Florinda Meza commented that decided to clarify the situation because since it premiered Congratulations has been questioned by various means.

This was Florinda Meza's tweet. (Capture: @FlorindaMezaCH)
This was Florinda Meza’s tweet. (Capture: @FlorindaMezaCH)

Believe it or not, several journalists called me to find out if it was true. And many fans seriously asked me. And if I clarify it now, it is because they began to tell me to please not sue her, as if that were real, ”he wrote in response to a comment he received.

Florinda Meza’s publication was well received by fans of both public figures, however, memes were not lacking in the comments section, where some users recovered one of the iconic phrases of Mrs. Florindaa character played by the widow of Chespirito during the decade of the 70s, to end the controversy.

(Capture: @FlorindaMezaCH)
(Capture: @FlorindaMezaCH)

Contrary to what many think, Shakira was not inspired by the character of the late Mexican actor to create her choreography, but was born from her children: Sasha and Milan, as she made it known during her recent visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The creators of the video are my children, they came up with the idea […] I asked them to listen to the song and close their eyes. My little Sasha came up with the idea, she said: ‘Mommy, I imagine you dancing with a robot.’

So far, the Colombian singer-songwriter has not commented on the rumors that she was going to be sued by Florinda Meza. She has not made any statements about her personal life either, as she is going through a tough separation from Gerard Piqué and both are fighting to keep custody of their children or reach an agreement that favors children.


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Florinda Meza rejected that she will sue Shakira for ‘plagiarizing’ the garrotera of “El Chavo del Ocho”

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