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Free programming to enjoy only on VIX, the family multiplatform

For those who like movies and series, what better option to enjoy this content and more totally free on VIX CINE & TV, which is available on all mobile platforms such as VIX.com, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV.

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It is important to say that no subscription or payment is required, the multiplatform is 100% free.

In addition, on this platform you will find international films and series, documentaries, concerts, novels, cartoons, classic Mexican cinema, comedies, science and more, through its categories: Movies, Explora, Icons, Royals, Series, Novelas, Hacks , Kids and family, Glam, Urban Food, Travel, Yes I do !, Yum, Moovmex.

From June’s special programming

Thieves, zombies, a tin man, friends, psychiatrists and birds are the protagonists of this month’s recommendations where we find:

Thieves of Souls (Movie 2015). In Mexico in 1815, the Cordero family suffered from the war of independence. When a group of royalists ask for asylum, with the secret intention of stealing their fortune, the Lamb sisters and an unexpected ally, a zombie, will fight to the end. Cast: Sofía Sisniega, Natasha Dupeyrón, Ana Sofía Durán.

Tin Man (Mini series 2015). The miniseries is a continuation of the classic novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and is about the adventures of a waitress from a town called DG who is dragged to a magical kingdom called OZ that is ruled by the evil sorceress Azkadellia.

During the trip she will be accompanied by Glitch, Raw and Cain who will try to thwart Azkadellia’s plan to trap the OZ in eternal darkness. Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Neal McDonough, Kathleen Robertson.

A dangerous method (Movie 2011). A powerful story of sexual and intellectual discovery based on real events, from the turbulent relationship between the psychiatrist Carl Jung, his mentor Sigmund Freud and Sabina Spielrein.

This exploration of sensuality, ambition and deception reaches its climax when the three reunite before finally parting ways and changing the direction of modern thought. Cast: Michael Fassbender, Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen.

Zero Day (Movie 2007). Military draft is back and three young friends have just received their induction notices and have 30 days to report for duty.

In that moment, they are forced to confront everything they believe about courage, duty, love, friendship, and honor. Cast: Elijah Wood, Chris Klein, Jon Berntha.

Defense Deacons (Movie 2003). Based on true events, Forest Whitaker and Ossie Davis, the former as the founder of the Deacons of Defense and Justice (DDJ) and the latter as a peaceful minister, both seek to prevent the inevitable violence that will continue aimlessly. Cast: Forest Whitaker, Chris Britton, Jonathan Silverman.

Down jackets, flying adventures (movie / cartoon, 2010). The story of a Canarian named Feifi, who manages to escape from the cage that held her prisoner in the residence of Señor Puertas, she meets a sparrow named Juan, who wants to stand out from the rest.

Together with their friends the Libyan Dove, the Pipo Hummingbird and the Clarita Bat, Juan and Feifi will live great adventures in search of freedom.


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