“Free yourself”, Aleida Núñez excites the network by freeing herself with just a sack

“Free yourself”, that was the message that the beautiful singer Aleida Nunez He shared his followers and did it in a very textual way, because apparently the actress from Corazón Guerrero was freed, but from what should have been under his jacket.

The stunning Mexican actress posed like the professional she is in front of the camera with an open bag and leaving more than evident the absence of a blouse and more. The star showed off a nice dark-colored tailored suit.

Aleida Nunez He showed all his elegance and attitude and opening his coat, he posed for the camera lens, leaving part of his great attributes for everyone to see, in addition to his well-toned abdomen, his face with a very natural makeup and his abundant hair completely relaxed.

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Aleida Núñez shared the photograph in question 16 hours ago and has exceeded 24 thousand reactions on the famous social network. The followers of this beautiful woman immediately filled her with compliments, nice words and all kinds of proposals in her comment box.


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Aleida Núñez excites the net by freeing herself with just one sack. Photo: Instagram.

The Televisa artist complemented her publication with a powerful message where she suggests getting rid of everything that is not healthy, including habits, situations and even people.

Get rid of everything that is not healthy in your life, situations, people, tastes, things, the famous shared with the image.

At the moment, Aleida Nunez She is very active in the world of entertainment, since she has returned to the world of soap operas with the melodrama Corazón Guerrero, where she plays Selena.

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Juan Ferrara’s ex has been really happy to return to the small screen and has shown off her character at all times, inviting everyone to watch the soap opera and enjoy her work.

Aleida Núñez has made it more than clear that beauty and intelligence are not at odds, which is why, in addition to being really beautiful, she has developed other talents in her life besides acting, such as driving, singing, modeling and her foray in the business world.

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“Free yourself”, Aleida Núñez excites the network by freeing herself with just a sack

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