From a pale, haggard bride to a princess disenchanted with a palace: the similarities between the life of Grace Kelly and the misfortunes of Charlène Wittstock

At first, the comparisons sounded fake. What could they have in common?
young South African swimmer with a Hollywood star at the height of his career? However, over time, the similarities have increased. Charlène Wisttock left everything and started a new life from scratch, just like Grace Kelly.

Charlène is perhaps more shy and
Grace Kelly had the ease of a professional of the tables. But both had difficulties in embodying their roles as princesses and
abide by protocol and royal obligations and both felt trapped in a golden cage, which they tried to leave, without success. It does not seem like a coincidence that the current princess of Monaco has gone
looking more and more like Princess Grace.

In 1956, at the age of 27, Grace Kelly
radically changed his life. She abandons her career, and her privileges as an American woman -lovers included-, to join in marriage with
prince rainier, heir to one of the oldest dynasties in Europe, but who looks like a rather gray man.

The engagement is announced on January 6, 1956.
The wedding lasted three days and reached 30 million people through television. The nervousness of the moment is reflected in the face of Grace, very beautiful with an extraordinary design of the
Hollywood dressmaker Helen Rosebut pale and haggard, extremely thin.

From then on, Grace tries to play the role that is expected of her, although she learns with difficulty the
French language and the rules of protocol. The process to become a princess is long, despite the idyllic image projected by the
new princely family.

Little by little, Grace begins to
feel like a prisoner and lets himself be won over by disenchantment. He is away from his family and his friends. She was never truly happy, she states in her biography “A Disillusioned Princess”,
Joanna Spencer, niece of the Princess.

Charlene was educated in a
Benoni College, east of Johannesburgthe same town of Afrikaners and English immigrants in which the
actress charlize theron. From a very young age she learned to spend eight hours a day in the pool to sacrifice herself and beat her own records.

He wins his first trophies at the age of 16. She also leaves everything overnight to
marry a prince perhaps more smiling than his father, but just as reserved and lonely. His childhood among babysitters made him a distrustful person.

The ceremony that united
Charlene and Alberto, July 1, 2011 was not easy for the bride either. The new princess cried and her recent husband did not seem moved. From that moment the rumors about the couple began. Some claimed that she
had tried to run away before the weddingtrying to leave behind a destiny that, at the last moment, seemed impossible.

From the moment the young South African becomes
princess of monaco, tries by all means to play his new role naturally. But her results disappoint herself and a shadowy court that does not support her. Their
aesthetic treatments they go “growing”, as if Charlene were looking for in the perfection of her features the way to
fulfill the role of Serene Highness.

Grace Kelly’s Misfortune

Grace doesn’t have the pressure of the press on her. In the fifties, it was possible to control it. But she feels haunted by that same shadowy court that
He does not forgive her beauty, nor her talent. Despite her marriage, her contract with Metro Goldwin Mayer has not ended.

And, on more than one occasion, the idea of
shoot a movie in the not too distant future. The studio sends him the news that there is a project
starring James Stewart for those who think of her. Grace believes that she will be able to convince the prince. But Rainier is very clear from the beginning. “No cinema!”

Grace accepts the opinion of her husband, whom she doesn’t know much about yet. And she adopts all the customs expected of a princess of Monaco. However, there are things that she does not want, nor can she give up: her friends
Frank Sinatra and Gary Grantand some American products, such as jam or ham, including nylon stockings,
vitamin boxes and kentucky bourbonwhich became the
Rainier’s favorite drink.

In 1962, Grace, however, makes another attempt to break out of her gilded cage.
Hitchcock had her in mind for the role of “Marnie the Thief.” Rainier changed his strategy this time and did not object, but the media pressure was very strong and the prince used his fear of the Monegasques’ reaction.

The role is played
Finally Tippi Hedren. In an interview with Paris-Match, Rainier acknowledged, many years later, that she
I really missed the screen. The princess felt
locked in a decoration and his sense of loneliness increased. She does not share with Rainier
his passion for hunting or vintage carsalthough he will always accompany the Prince for
his sense of duty.

Charlène tries not to lose touch with her roots
often traveling to the country in which he grew up and collaborating with numerous NGOs in the most disadvantaged areas and in defense of wild animals. The
Charlène lockdown in South Africa and his subsequent internment in a Swiss clinic triggered all the rumors.

The prince himself had to
come out to deny that his marriage was in crisis. Today, back at the palace, Charlène
seems calm and adjusted to her life as a princess. Did she also try to escape from her golden cage? Maybe. But it is very possible that she does not want to pay the price, which would happen for
give up their children.

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From a pale, haggard bride to a princess disenchanted with a palace: the similarities between the life of Grace Kelly and the misfortunes of Charlène Wittstock

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