From humble childhood in Santiago del Estero to kisses with China Suárez and the scandal with María Becerra: who is Rusherking

At only 21 years old, Rusherking already garners millions of views on different platforms

Although he is one of the best-known artists on the urban scene, the name of rushing began to sound strongly in the media last year, due to his relationship with Mary Becerra, one of the country’s fastest growing pop singers. And in December, when they separated in the middle of a scandal Due to an alleged infidelity on his part, he was once again on the front pages.

“How good it is for you to play poor and lie”had been one of the strong messages that the interpreter of candy had written on the networks and then decided to delete. Hours later, she finished confirming the breakup, although she was sorry for her impulsive reaction. Today, the musician is back in the news for his love life, but this time for his budding relationship with Eugenia The China Suarez.

María Becerra and Rusherking, when they were a couple (Credit: Ax Press)
María Becerra and Rusherking, when they were a couple (Credit: Ax Press)

But who is Rusherking? His real name is Thomas Nicholas Tobar And he’s just days away from his 21st birthday. She lived until she was 17 in La Banda, Santiago del Estero, and then moved to Buenos Aires, where she began her ascending musical career and created his stage name, which has its origin in a word from a famous video game. “When I was little I played Counter Strikeand they called me Rusher all the time, it stuck in my head, and in the first competition of freestyle in which I signed up, I put on Rusher. The term is used in all games, but I put it by the Counter, it is when you go quickly to the play, when you buy the weapon and you are going to kill everyone. That is a Rusher, and then I added the King ”, he had said in an interview in an interview with the newspaper The capital.

Despite today being among the benchmarks of urban music and earning his place among figures of the stature of Tiago PZK, Duki, Lit Killah, Trueno Y Nicky Nicoleamong others, his first years of life were not easy at all. “My dad is a taxi driver and my mom is a housewife, my dad works all day, I had a very humble childhood. There were times we didn’t have to eat, we drank mate cocido with bread at noon and at night. Despite how humble we were, my mom and dad always took care of giving us what they could, ”he had recounted in October during his visit to pHthe program of Andy Kusnetzoff in phone.

“NOW”, the new song by Rusherking and Tiago PZK, after the hits “Además de mi” and “Cerca de ti”

“I started with freestyle In Santiago, my parents banked me and later when they saw that I started to win, they banked me more and I grew until one day I started making songs and came to Buenos Aires. I came alone and now it started to go very well for me, but at first with my friends we slept in the basement of a hairdresser, sometimes we had nowhere to sleep or eat”, he had told about his beginnings.

Some time later, with his first earnings, he was able to move into a house with his friends, including Lit Killah and Tiago PZK. “We all come from below, but we are kids with many values ​​and we understand having nothing and now we appreciate the position we have,” he had valued in that note with the former cycle CQC.

But with fame also came the inevitable exposure of her private life. Because despite his low profile, his recent encounter with the ex of Benjamin Vicuna it did not go unnoticed. Last Sunday, she was seen together in a after party of the Martín Fierro Awards 2022.

China Suárez and Rusherking were seen very cuddly after the Martín Fierro (Video: Twitter)

In this way, the rumors of a romance between the actress and the ragpicker that began to circulate since last week were confirmed. According to the journalist Daniel Gomez Rinaldi They had been dining at the Enero restaurant, in the Costanera area. And then they participated in a party that was held in a bowling alley in Puerto Madero with several celebrities, such as Lali Esposito Y Jimena Baron. Videos of the couple went viral on social networks in which they can be seen kissing, very caramelized. Journalist pampito published some images of them and clarified: “La China and Rusherking very cuddly… Super together at the MF after party”.

At the same time that the caramelized images of Rusher and Suárez appeared, Becerra reactedhow could it be otherwise, on their social networks. He did it with a forceful and romantic video that he posted on his Instagram Stories and that surprised locals and strangers. “We don’t need more than this”, María wrote next to a red heart on a video in which you can see some firewood burning in the foreground and, to one side, a boy with a cell phone in his hand. Further down, an even more explicit caption reads: “Love you”.

For the moment, Rusher prefers silence. Meanwhile, his success does not stop: he has millions of monthly listeners on Spotify and other platforms, where he continues to position himself as one of the most listened to artists.


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From humble childhood in Santiago del Estero to kisses with China Suárez and the scandal with María Becerra: who is Rusherking

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