Gaby Spanic reveals what a man must do to conquer her

She is known for having starred in novels such as “” and “Land of passions”. She was married to actor Miguel de León until 2002 and since then she has enjoyed her single life. She is a woman who knows what she wants and did not hesitate to reveal the requirements that she has when entering into a romantic relationship with a man.

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Before she became an actress, she had started studying psychology at university. However, she decided to leave them and, in her place, she took acting classes. In addition, in 1992, she participated in “Miss Venezuela”, which catapulted her to start her career in telenovelas such as “Morena Clara”.

His first leading role came in “Como tú no”, which was broadcast in Venezuela for two years. After a long career and dozens of awards, the 48-year-old actress talked about how a man could win her over enough to invest her precious time in him.


During an interview for, Gabriela Spanic revealed that she likes to be given space in a relationship. Since she is an independent and successful woman, she doesn’t want a man to take over other areas of her life.

Well, first of all, that he be a man who has no complexes, that he lives in his house and I in mine, because I am a very busy woman.”, he replied to the journalist. “I am an empowered woman and not just now, but for a long time

In addition, he assured that he would not like to live under the same roof with the man he dates.

On weekends and that’s it, I don’t want a man who is there by my side all the time, because I am a very moved woman. Also, I have a son and I have my things, I am a very active woman and I don’t want my life, my clothes, or my money to be dominating me. Although I’m not going to do that with them either”, he expressed.


Another of the topics that the actress of “La intrusa” spoke about was the accusation she made against her assistant, Marcia Fernández. Gabriela assured, at the time of her, that the Argentine tried to poison her.

I was the victim of an attempted murder, they said it was a lie when there was evidence, there was a minor involved, my son was almost two years old. I do not have the ability to invent those things that they tried to cover up”, he stressed.

This fact would have happened in 2010, but when denouncing her suspicions, she herself was persecuted.

This woman was supported by people I did not understand, she did not do it alone, there was someone behind all this and they even made fun of a situation that was rough, disgusting for our lives. I was hospitalized and even my son was very sick”.


Gabriela Spanic, at the beginning of March of this year, told the program “” who will soon publish a book entitled “The saga of the true usurper”, where she will narrate parts of her life and, especially, the attempted murder.

When they poisoned us and I saw my little son, two years old, also poisoned, and I inflated like a balloon and had to go to work”, he said on the Univision program.

This would be the sixth work published by the actress, since she also has other autobiographical editions and even culinary recipes.

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Gaby Spanic reveals what a man must do to conquer her

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