George Michael: drugs, prostitutes, deterioration and the unsolved mystery of his death


LOC talks to James Gavin, author of the biography George Michael: a life, about the tragic death of the singer of ‘Last Christmas’, just one Christmas night and, possibly, intentionally.

Singer George Michael, on his 53rd birthday.GTRES

In the 1980s it had been an estrogen stimulant, the first puberty hormone of an entire generation, the musical hero of the high-pitched voice and bare muscle. Their silky forms had caressed the sexual awakening of young people all over the world. But in his last days, very far from its heyday, life had forced him to turn 53. little in which he sank into the sofa in his mansion. Forgetting his friends, accompanying himself with prostitutes and filling his creative drought with liters of ice cream, television and ecstasy liquid.

george michael (London, 1963 – Oxfordshire, 2016) was characterized in life for being something more than one of the greatest talents of pop history. A new biography details the unknown details of the intimacy of a singer who came to sell over 100 million records around the planet. But that he ended his last days surrendered to his own insecurities. Through the story of more than 200 relatives, the journalist james gavin seeks for the public to know the most vulnerable side of the author of successes as Faith either Careless Whisper.

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“He was a man big-hearted, generous, gracious, kind to his fans”, describes James Gavin to LOC. “He was always very loved by everyone around him, but He had a tendency to self-destruction. People were sad for him, mostly because they couldn’t help him,” he tells of his decline. The writer takes a tour since childhood of the artist until his tragic death, revealing little-known details about his relationship with his family, his chronic depression and the difficulty it caused acknowledge their homosexuality throughout his career.

Born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, Michael was son of a Greek Cypriot immigrant who ran a restaurant and a British dancer. Raised in a Greek ghetto in North London, he received an upbringing corseted in gender roles. “I discovered his sexuality and he knew that his surroundings did not approve. His self-hatred started there.” During his adolescence, only music managed to distract the young man from the negative comments of his father, who constantly criticized his “little masculinity” and that it made him uncomfortable with his physique.

These complexes dragged them towards their stardom. When in 1982 it stood out with Wham! the group he founded with his high school friend Andrew Ridgeley, George Michael began to be the classic idol that fame abhorred. “He was a complete and respected artist, he cared a lot about creating the perfect rhythms and sounds.” However, this patience in creating new themes only worked for a while. “He had two idols, Stevie Wonder and Elton John, two musicians who created a lot. Whereas it was becoming more and more difficult for him to compose and be satisfied.”

Discover your sexuality he knew that his surroundings did not approve. His self-hatred started there

Tired of being a reflection for youth when He detested his own image, Michael began his solo career in 1986 with the intention of maturing as a singer. Although his drug addiction and obsession because of the musical form they turned him into an irregular artist. “In the time of Madonna and Michael Jackson, he could be the greatest for a short period”. However, he did not always know how to adapt to the times, nor to all spaces. “He used to be number one in England or Europe, but in the United States he was always late, his music sounded old. That disappointed him.”


In 1991, George Michael meet Anselmo Feleppa. A designer you know fall in love and with whom to live happily for a year and a half. Just the time when AIDS ends his life. “He lost the love of his life and in 1997 his mother, whom he loved very much, dies of cancer.” It was then that he became a faded icon, most popular for his scandals than for his musical endeavors. In a man who hid his sexuality from the public light, while he frequented dark environments full of drugs and sex without measure.

The singer and his
The singer and his last partner, Fadi Fawaz.GTRES

But one night in 1998, the artist was arrested in a bathroom of a bar in California. A police trap caught him engaging in “inappropriate conduct” with other men and in possession of narcotics. With the gay label biting behind his fame, Michael began to show his sexuality in songs and public events. “The rest of his relationships were open. Was with Kenny Goss for 13 years and then with Fadi Fawaz, a hairdresser who caused him a lot of trouble”.

The last years, and perhaps minutes, of George Michael were in the intermittent company of Fawaz. the singer of Last Christmas died precisely a December 25, in 2016. Neglected, obese, empty, maybe lonely. “No one but Fadi knows what happened during the previous eight hours. George loved Christmas and he always spent it with his family, except for that day.” An autopsy revealed heart failure, but several interviewees spoke of an intentional overdose. “It is not known what happened, but seemed ready to go. His body couldn’t take it anymore.”

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George Michael: drugs, prostitutes, deterioration and the unsolved mystery of his death

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