Georgina Rodríguez’s home exercises to recover her body after being a mother

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Georgina Rodriguezthe woman from Cristiano Ronaldo, has gained quite a following in recent months after his self-titled Netflix bioseries. In it he told how meeting the footballer changed his life. He today enjoys a large family, the love of the player, fame, fortune and of course a spectacular physique.

She recently became a mother once again, to a little girl whom they named Esmeralda. She was pregnant with twins but unfortunately she lost one of her babies. Today the sad moment has been like a bitter pill leaving them marked for life, but they have also focused on continuing.

It has been difficult, of course, but they are convinced that their little unborn baby will take care of them and guide them wherever they are.

Georgina has always liked to exercise, she was a dancer for many years and shows on social networks the hours and hours she spends in her home gym. She has found a refuge in physical activity that also provides her well-being and health. What exercises do you do to recover your body after pregnancy?

The model and influencer exercises because, as she commented in her Netflix series, she enjoys food too much and loves to try new dishes regardless of the calories they contain.

Has a glute routine specific that helps you perfectly to tone and tighten. Be careful, each body is different, this series of exercises works well for Georgina but it may not be the right thing for you. We always recommend going to a specialist who can help you decide if you can follow it or adapt another to your needs.

The best thing is that it can be done at home and you don’t need the expensive devices it has. You mentioned that it is so effective that results are seen in a short time. Georgina is based on four exercises: Squats, Hip Raise, Gluteal Kicks and Hip Abduction.


Open your legs at shoulder height. Bend your knees and slowly lower yourself to a 90-degree angle with your legs. Rise up by squeezing your glutes and repeat. It is important that you consider that the weight should fall on the heels, not on the feet.

Hip Raise

Lie on your back, put your arms by your sides, bend your knees and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Raise your hips by squeezing your glutes until they are in a straight line with your knees. Go down and go back up.

Glute Kicks

Place the palms of your hands and knees on the ground. The back should be in a straight line. Stretch one of your legs behind and raise it without bending the knee. Try kicking the air with your heel. Lower that leg and repeat with the other.

Hip Abductions

Start like the previous exercise, with your palms and knees on the floor. Raise one leg to the side of your body, as if you were spreading it, and then slowly lower it. Do the same with the other leg but always pressing the muscle.

This is the exercise routine for glutes that the Spanish carries and it has worked very well for her because every time she can, she shows off her curvaceous figure. Try to complement it with exercises for other parts of the body and you will stay healthy and toned.

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Georgina Rodríguez’s home exercises to recover her body after being a mother

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