Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones debut as a couple in Cannes, they no longer hide their love

Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones debut as a couple in Cannes, they no longer hide their love. With great surprise the actors of “Crown of Tears 2” They were seen at one of the most exclusive events of the festival, confirming their romantic relationship.

It was months ago when Geraldine Bazan confirmed that he had returned to singleness. After his separation from Gabriel Sotothe actress of soap operas like “Victoria” and “For loving without law” She chose to lead her sentimental life discreetly and that is how she had always behaved, showing her dedication as a mother and as an actress on social networks.

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After Geraldine Bazan will join the cast of the second part of “Crown of tears”, Rumors arose of his great chemistry with Alejandro Nones and how it had crossed the screen. Although neither of them confirmed or denied any relationship, today their love is revealed surrounded by a lot of glamor.

It was a few hours ago when Geraldine Bazan and Alejandro Nones walked the red carpet at an exclusive event in Cannes organized by Chopard, a renowned diamond company. Meanwhile he actor of “Who Framed Sara” looked most elegant in a black suit, Geraldine fell in love with an exquisite dress by Mexican designers Víctor & Jesse.

Although, in their social networks Geraldine Bazan and Alejandro Nones They were not seen together, a prestigious magazine managed to capture the moment they posed together and the rest is history. It will be in four months when we can see them on stage, since Crown of Tears 2 debuts on screen but for now, they enjoy their time together.

It is not yet known if Alexander Nones already lives with Geraldine’s daughtersbut the girls have accompanied him to some recordings so the first contact could have already been made, confirming not only the emotional maturity of each one but also the formality of the relationship.

Alejandro Nones and Geraldine Bazán, one step at a time

Previously Alexander Nones He was questioned about his relationship with Geraldine Bazán, after some images of the couple kissing circulated. The actor chose not to talk about it and focus on promoting his most recent projects, making it clear that his personal life would remain low-key.

Similarly, many have wondered What will Gabriel Soto say? about this romance, but given that the actor is focused on his work and his wedding with Irina Baeva, it is clear that he is true to his word, because in previous interviews he has emphasized that he is interested in the mother of his daughters Elisa and Miranda be happy, because if she is well the girls will be too.

Geraldine Bazan He has also learned from everything he has lived and is expected to speak little or nothing about this courtship, but his followers agree that love suits him, that he looks radiant and that they make a great couple.

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Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones debut as a couple in Cannes, they no longer hide their love

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