Get to know the simple house of Ema Egg, the provocative influencer who was linked to Eduin Caz

Ema Egg, who was recently linked to Eduin Caz, loves to seduce her fans from the comfort of her home in Nuevo León

Photo: Ema Egg / Instagram / Mezcaliente

the influencer Emma Eggwho in recent days was linked to Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme, loves to share details of her private life with her almost 2,000,000 followers, so we often see her in the comfort of her home delighting them with one of her provocative dances or wearing one of her sensual outfits.

From what we have been able to see in her videos and photographs, the one born in Nuevo León, in the north of Mexico, lives in a simple and normal housein which there are no luxuries, but good taste and golden tones.

In a video, which he shared on Youtube, Madeleyn Ainleyas she is also known, gave her a house tour and even showed her underwear to her loyal fans, who do not miss any of her publications and even make donations to her.


Its kitchen is somewhat wide and semi-open. It is equipped with stainless steel cabinets and appliances, as well as a white dining table and black chairs with a pink back and seat.

Dinning room

Its dining room is made up of a rectangular table in a chocolate tone with capacity for six chairs, a carving machine, a ceiling lamp, among other elements.

Living room

His living room, located just to one side of the access door to the house, has a couple of golden sofas, with a purple carpet, with a television placed on a piece of furniture, with a painting, with a mini-split and with a table lamp. the ceiling.


His bedroom, which stands out for its golden curtains, is made up of a large bed with gray bedding and a dark-colored headboard.

It also has a living room, with two bedside tables, a chest of drawers, a full-length mirror, a wall-mounted television and a ceiling fan that becomes your best ally in the face of high temperatures. from Monterrey.

second bedroom

Although it is small, her house has a second bedroom, which not only attracts attention because of its pink bedding, but also because it is the room from which she usually makes her already famous TikTok videos.

The room is completed by a dressing room-style full-length mirror, a mini-split, a ceiling fan and a small corner dedicated to his extensive clothing collection.

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Get to know the simple house of Ema Egg, the provocative influencer who was linked to Eduin Caz

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