‘Gossip No Like’ shows the place where Fernando del Solar spent his last days of life

The program ‘Gossip No Like’ released a video of the exclusive place where Fernando del Solar spent his last days of life before leaving and where He was very well accompanied by Anna Ferro, whom he married last March.

The renowned television presenter lived for some time in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, in the Mexican state of Morelosjust over an hour from Mexico City.

“Behind my back is the residence where Fernando del Solar spent his last days of life,” revealed a reporter from ‘Gossip No Like’ prior to the tour he took through the actor’s final resting place.

His house was located inside the Paradise Country Cluba residential area that has an area of 413 acres and that among its amenities it has extensive green areas, a restaurant, a clubhouse, a 18 hole golf coursepools and artificial lakes.

The parks of the place were one of the spaces that the charismatic presenter enjoyed the most, since he used to take two walks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, as employees of the place announced.

“We have had the opportunity to talk with several employees of the place, who agree that Fernando del Solar took two walks a day, one very early, here, through these streets, where he was wearing his Cruz Azul shirt, a team of which he was a fan and the another in the afternoon, hand in hand with Ana, his wife”, narrated ‘Gossip No Like’, while their cameras showed aspects of the gardens and the beautiful houses and apartments that make up the striking residential area.

The cost of houses in this luxurious neighborhood range from $230,000 to $485,000 dollarsso there are options for various budgets.

The size of the residences ranges from 1,615 square feet at 3,230 square feet.

Although the program did not show aspects of what was his last house, here We remind you of what that place was like where Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro were able to be together until their last breath.


The kitchen is somewhat small and semi-open. It is equipped with galvanized and chocolate-toned cabinets, with stainless steel appliances, as well as a lighted bar with three hanging lamps that works to prepare food, but also serves as a breakfast nook for two.

Dinning room

Its dining room, located on one side of the staircase that connects to the second floor, is made up of a rectangular marble table with capacity for eight gray chairs, a piece of chocolate-colored furniture, a mirror with a silver frame and some beautiful plants. .

Living room

Its living room, located just to one side of the access door, has individual blue sofas, with another gray one, a glass coffee table, a chocolate-colored piece of furniture and a wall-mounted television.

main bedroom

The main bedroom is made up of a large bed with a headboard and bedside tables in chocolate and beige, with a triptych painting of the sunrise, with a closet with brown doors, among other elements.

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‘Gossip No Like’ shows the place where Fernando del Solar spent his last days of life

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