Got a Samsung Galaxy S21? Android 12 starts arriving today

Samsung continues to be the favorite brand of consumers all over the world and Portugal is no exception. The Samsung Galaxy S21, in its different versions (S21, S21 Ultra and S21+) are the best top smartphones that the market has available and now there is good news for everyone who has one of these models: Android 12 starts arriving today.

Samsung is already making the updates available, so prepare your smartphone for this arrival.

Samsung Galaxy S21 start receiving Android 12

Samsung has announced that it will begin releasing its Android 12-based One UI 4 major update for the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra starting today, November 15th.

This release follows a two-month One UI 4 beta program for the Galaxy S21 series. So, most of the news that start to reach users today, have been tested since September, with no bugs and improved features.

In terms of smartphone personalization, the new UI brings the user access to new color palettes to change the smartphone image, new app icons, new notifications area and even different wallpapers. There are even new "re-imagined" widgets that will allow for even deeper customization.

For communication, Samsung will now provide a functionality associated with emojis. According to a promotional video, the feature will be called Emoji pairs, and allows you to create gifs or stickers from two chosen emojis.

emojis samsung

With Android 12, upgraded smartphones will also take advantage of new associated security and privacy features. One of the examples is receiving a notification whenever an app is going to use the camera or the microphone, which can be disabled through the quick settings area.

But these are just some of the examples of features that Android 12 and One UI 4 will bring to these smartphones.

How to Check Upgrade to One UI 4

To check if the update is already available on your Samsung Galaxy S21, you should go to Smartphone Settings and look for Software Update. The system itself will check if there is any update available and, if so, just go ahead with the download and its installation.

There is still no indication of release dates for the update for other models, but Samsung indicates that it should happen "soon" for previous Galaxy S, Galaxy A, Note and folding models, in addition to tablets, which will also receive an update.

Smartphones and tablets eligible for Android 12 and One UI 4.0

Galaxy S Series

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy S21+ (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy S21 (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy S20+ (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy S20 (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy S20 FE (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy S10 5G (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy S10 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy S10+ (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy S10e (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy S10 Lite

Galaxy Note series

  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy Note 20 (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy Note 10+ (LTE / 5G - latest Android update)

  • Galaxy Note 10 (LTE/5G - latest Android update)

  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Galaxy Z Series

Galaxy Series A

  • Galaxy A71 5G

  • Galaxy A71

  • Galaxy A51 5G

  • Galaxy A51

  • Galaxy A52

  • Galaxy A52 5G

  • Galaxy A52s

  • Galaxy A72

  • Galaxy A90 5G (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A01 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A11 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A31 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A41 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A21 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A21s (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A Quantum

  • Galaxy Quantum 2

  • Galaxy A42 5G

  • Galaxy A02 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A02s (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A03s

  • Galaxy A12 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy A12 Nacho

  • Galaxy A32

  • Galaxy A32 5G

  • Galaxy A22

  • Galaxy A22 5G

Galaxy M Series

  • Galaxy M42 5G

  • Galaxy M12

  • Galaxy M62

  • Galaxy M01

  • Galaxy M02s (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy M02 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy M21 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy M21s (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy M22

  • Galaxy M31

  • Galaxy M31 Prime Edition (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy M32

  • Galaxy M32 5G

  • Galaxy M51 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy M31s (Latest Android Update)

Galaxy F Series

  • Galaxy F41 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy F62

  • Galaxy F02s (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy F12

  • Galaxy F22

  • Galaxy Xcover series

  • Galaxy Xcover Pro (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy Xcover 5

Galaxy Tab series

  • Galaxy Tab S7 + (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy Tab S7 (LTE / 5G)

  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE

  • Galaxy Tab S6 5G

  • Galaxy Tab S6 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

  • Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy Tab A7 (Latest Android Update)

  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

  • Galaxy Tab Active 3 (Latest Android Update)

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Got a Samsung Galaxy S21? Android 12 starts arriving today