His first love, a married celebrity and the woman for whom he wanted to divorce Queen Sofía: the lovers who betrayed King Juan Carlos

Although there was a time when the
King Juan Carlos claimed to be the ”
Julio Iglesias of the monarchy» because of the number of lovers she had accumulated in her extramarital flings that kept her away from
Queen Sofia, not all his adventures had a happy ending. At least three of his mistresses tried to blackmail him.

Among the list of those who “betrayed” their trust are their first love
Olghina di Robilant; his most mediatic married lover,
Barbara King and the mistress with whom he fell in love and for whom he was willing to divorce Queen Sofia,
corinna larsen.

betrayal of Olghina di Robilant It was perhaps the most pathetic because he perpetrated it when their romance had already fallen into oblivion. The emeritus and the Italian aristocrat turned photographer and writer had shared nights of passion when she was in her twenties and he was a marriageable 18-year-old prince.

The countess had a reputation as a good lover and a difficult character to control, a combination that
spooked the Spanish royal family who at that time was still fighting to gain Franco’s approval.

As Juanito himself recognized his lover in one of the many love letters they exchanged, theirs was destined to go nowhere. «
you know i’m in love with you like no other girl to this day. But you also know that, unfortunately, I cannot marry you, ”explained the then prince.

The end of the official story is well known, Juan Carlos found the candidate who satisfied his parents in
Sophia of Greece and Olghina lived up to her fame of promiscuity by becoming pregnant with a married man when she was barely 25 years old.

The revenge of the lover who could have been queen of Spain came much later.
In the 1980s he tried to get a book published where he recounted his wanderings with his royal lovers in his wild years. The biography included, of course, the reproduction of the love letters of the young Juan Carlos de Borbón.

No one published that book, but a series of interviews in different media in which Olghina claimed to have been the king’s lover days
Until the days before your wedding. Finally, and in a mysterious way, the love letters between the lovers were finally published.

Later it was learned that
Olghina had pocketed eight million pesetass for that sale and that prior to that betrayal before the press, he had already taken a slice of the royal house itself by sending them the photocopied letters. But the bribe, in this case, was just a tip: the bribe for his silence barely reached $1,000.

The thing between Bárbara Rey and the monarch seems to have been much more lucrative if we pay attention to what is reported in the book The Chief of Spies, by Juan Fernández-Miranda and Jvier Chicote. This book explains how the emeritus confessed to his confidant, the head of the CESID
Emilio Alonso Manglanothat the vedette demanded 100,000 pesetas for not circulating an image in which the king appeared touching her chest.

In 1997 it seems that the blackmail was even greater: the former vedette, married since 1980,
she had in her possession three videos of herself with the king, in two of them they were in bed. On that occasion she got a television program and, later, an account in a Luxembourg bank to which 600 million pesetas were transferred.

But without a doubt the most painful betrayal for the monarch by one of his lovers has been the one carried out by C
Urinna Larsenthe only woman who refused to return millions of euros and has denounced him for harassment.


Spanish Royal Family: the scandals that have destroyed it

The same aristocrat as now
leads a legal process that could bring the emeritus to justice in September, before the Botswana incident she was considered by the emeritus himself to be the woman of his life.

As Pilar Eyre states in a recent interview in La Vanguardia: “Even in 2019 Don Juan Carlos went to London with an excuse
to beg her to come back to him. Don Juan Carlos placed all of her at Corinna’s feet, placed her crown at her feet, told her that he would separate from Doña Sofía and that he would marry her. What else can a king do?

On this occasion neither the bribes, nor the indifference nor the threats have had an effect and it seems that the definitive revenge of the monarch’s special friend is close to being fulfilled.

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His first love, a married celebrity and the woman for whom he wanted to divorce Queen Sofía: the lovers who betrayed King Juan Carlos

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