Host of ‘La Red’ revealed the serious sequel left by covid-19

Juan Carlos Giraldo

There have been various stories that are heard about the consequences left by covid-19. Some temporary, such as the loss of the senses of taste and smell, in the worst cases, mental health is also affected, fatigue and extreme tiredness occur, which prevents daily activities from being carried out.

According to the Mayo Clinic on its website, some people who suffered from the disease were left with cardiac sequelae, kidney and skin damage, the brain was also affected, because in some cases, the memory failure was evident and even, there were those whose immune system was affected.

In Colombia there were several celebrities who suffered from these consequences, such as the presenter Diva Jessurum, who mentioned that hair loss was what affected her the most, as well as memory loss; Lady Noriega also saw her motor skills affected when driving her car for the first time, among others.

This Sunday, while presenting the program The net, Juan Carlos Giraldo He surprised his colleagues by making a painful confession for him, because after having suffered from covid-19, he lost about 40% of his hearing capacity.

This confession was made while making the corresponding explanation of the condition that a well-known Colombian actress had, when she mentioned the following:

In my case, I had severe damage to my ears, since it was 47% loss in the left and 36% in the right. Let’s say that it is very hard to confront that because as she (the actress) says, one begins to say how? And if they talk to you from the other side, then what, what?”, were the first statements of the paisa.

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Later, his classmates tried to make the discussion enjoyable and asked him to put on the earphone with which he listens to his classmates, and there Mary Méndez jokingly intervened and told him: “one begins to make smoke signals”while gesticulating with his hands.

Immediately, Juan Carlos Giraldo mentioned that his friends begin to “suck him cock” with deafness and added: “The truth is that one does say: ‘Wow, why?’ Mine was due to the covid-19, due to the high fevers and all that.

Here you can see the moment in which the presenter of ‘La Red’ makes the difficult confession:

The presenter confirmed that both of his ears were affected after recovering from the virus

Precisely, the case that the hosts of the Canal Caracol gossip program were mentioning was that of the actress Alejandra Isaza, who confessed to having lost hearing in her right ear due to a hearing infarction.

While fulfilling her work commitments and enjoying the holidays, the also model suddenly began to hear a ringing in her ears.

“The right ear was completely disconnected, it is an idiopathic disease, because its origin is unknown. It is related to stress, because of the workload that I was probably handling, but it is unknown why … I had emotional problems, I kept everything to myself and suddenly that was it. I had a lot of interventions, tests, they ruled out a stroke and I definitely lost it”, were the words of Isaza to La Red.


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Host of ‘La Red’ revealed the serious sequel left by covid-19

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