How much is the fortune of Toni Costa, ex of Adamari López

Spanish dancer and celebrity live sweet days in your courtship with with whom for now they have a blended relationship due to the work and family commitments that each one has -the The Mexican has a son from her previous engagement and lives with the little one in Austin, while the European lives in Miami. However, this is not an impediment for both to meet every weekend and have a great time, as evidenced in their respective social networks.

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Outings on yachts, gifts and expensive dinners are part of the itinerary of the new couple in the United States, a fact that has caused intrigue regarding how such an ostentatious lifestyle can be given, taking into account that both Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán They are not referenced as millionaire personalities or artists.

When Costa and they ended up separating in May 2021, it was speculated that the economic issue would have been one of the reasons, since the 50-year-old Puerto Rican actress and presenter has spent a lifetime reaping achievements and heritage, a somewhat different reality for the 38-year-old Valencian dancer years, with whom he became a couple after participating together in a reality show in 2010. It was even speculated that the interpreter of “Amigas y rivales” would have gotten tired of being the one who mainly maintains the home.

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In this context, it has been unavoidable to ask how much is the patrimony of . The dancer, choreographer, actor and Zumba teacher also has a business facet, which he began after the earnings obtained in the world of modeling and various TV projects.

Not surprisingly, the ex-partner of the “Gold Shortie” has her own line of accessories, such as caps with her personal logo, and is also about to launch her exclusive sunglasses. That is, personal and productive income has.

Now, according to the , his net worth of Toni Costa is 1.5 million dollars, more than enough reasons to be able to give himself a life of king with his new queen, Evelyn Beltrán.

The Iberian maintains a courtship with Evelyn Beltrán. A long-distance relationship, since both live in different places in the US (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán / Instagram)


Other sources of income for the Spaniard come from the advertising agreements he has with different brands to promote their products or services through social networks, since Toni Costa has 2 million followers on Instagram.

In addition to this, there are his classes as a personalized and exclusive Zumba teacher. It was recently revealed how much the dancer charges for each class.

According to reports, each Zumba class – which lasts 1 hour – was recently held in Orange, California and charged $30 per person. Also, it was learned that he came to work with a total of 80 people and that would make him take up to 2,400 dollars in just one class.

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How much is the fortune of Toni Costa, ex of Adamari López

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