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In December, Laura’s position [qui a préféré, comme les autres témoins, rester anonyme] on vaccination against Covid-19 was clear: “Not for me, thank you”. But from May 11, when opening to adults without comorbidities finding an appointment for the next day, this 29-year-old Lyonnaise said to herself that she would get vaccinated as soon as possible. Tired of compulsively refreshing, like thousands of French people, her page open on the Doctolib platform, she finally made an appointment for June 17, two days after the date initially scheduled for access. everyone to vaccination. In her impatience, she hesitates even today to seek a niche earlier.

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The thing was not obvious for this young woman raised by a mistrustful mother with regard to vaccines. “Hearing everyone say that they were going to wait to see the side effects of people vaccinated before taking the step themselves, I told myself that we could not all wait. We must all make efforts for collective immunity and return to normal life ”says Laura, who can’t wait to return to the theater.

Rise in vaccine intentions

Almost five months after the start of the vaccination campaign in France, all adults are now eligible for vaccination against Covid-19 – AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson products are still reserved for people over 55 years old. While in December, the adhesion rate had reached its lowest level – only 40% of people questioned as part of the CoviPrev study conducted by Public Health France wanted to be vaccinated – vaccination intentions rose again (in April) to 65% of the adult population, according to Cevipof, 13% still hesitating and 20% declaring themselves refractory. Figures which now correspond to the vaccine hesitation observed for about five years in the French population.

How to explain such a gap between the atmosphere of the end of 2020, when the government was moving on eggshells for fear of pointing a population reluctant to injections, and that of this spring of 2021, where vaccination is increasingly needed as this who will get us out of the health crisis? From the first weeks of January, international studies showing the gap between France and other countries making great strides in their vaccination campaign served as an electric shock to the population and the executive on the need to go faster. to be effective, a trend consolidated by the media coverage of vaccine results in Israel and the United States, which did not show any particular post-injection complications. Finally, AstraZeneca’s setbacks favored by contrast the reversal of opinion in favor of messenger RNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna laboratories.

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