“I didn’t know the man I lived with at all”: Shakira finds out that the player was unfaithful to her in the first year of their relationship and is willing to use the “Piqué Macro-Report” that she commissioned | People | Entertainment

After the separation of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué, the relationship between the two seems irreconcilable, to the point that there is no dialogue at all. After the start of the discussions between the lawyers, the soccer player’s intention not to allow the singer to take her children out of Spain, is part of the blocking stone of the entire negotiation.

Each one was made of the services of prestigious law firms located in Barcelona. The singer chose the renowned lawyer Pilar Mañé, and the player hired the Tamborero law firm. And in this way, they put an agreement on the visiting regime and the custody of Milan and Sasha in the hands of the legal professionals.

They report that Shakira is willing to do anything to go with her children to Miami: This is what she could do against Piqué

The love of the Colombian is turning into resentment against the known, when the true story that united them is turning dark with the “wanderings” that for years wore the number 3 of Barca.

The “Piqué Macro-Report” that Shakira is willing to use

Every day that the story of Shakira and Piqué progresses, new details come to light that people close to the singer and her family provide to the media.

The Colombian is determined to give the great battle in defense of her interests and desires. For this reason, the romantic breakup can turn into a relentless war, if the athlete insists on preventing the singer from leaving the country with her children.

“It will not stop”, is the sentence that a source close to the Latin superstar alleges when describing the feeling that Shakira is currently experiencing, as she discovers the details that muddy the name of the FC Barcelona member, published Informalia.

“He realized that he did not know the man he lived with at all,” said the informant, continuing and mentioning the state of mind of Milan and Sasha’s mother.

Of the blind love that he came to have for the Spanish player, jumped into deep sadness and disappointmentjust as told her friend Carlos Vives, confirming the pain that afflicts her.

Rage replaced that romantic feeling, and Shakira will follow the legal course to reach an agreement in her favor. “She is willing to do anything, even to use and the reports that she commissioned from Gerard,” said the person close to the “I congratulate you” interpreter.

And it is that the work that he ordered from a private investigator, and the one that contains all the details of the steps of the athlete and his deception, are in his hands. The press called the results of that investigation the “Pique Macro-Report.”

The celebrity news portal published in Spain pointed out that Shakira is opening her eyes and learned that the adventures of the culé team member are old.

“She was no stranger to her boyfriend’s fondness for fooling around, but she certainly never thought that he had been unfaithful to her since practically the year they met,” the outlet revealed.

The informant detailed that Piqué enjoyed his night outings, taking care never to be photographed, but in the eyes of many witnesses.

“He wasn’t hiding. She did it before the eyes of others and others. Of course, almost always on private sites, so that not even a photo could be published, ”he pointed out.

Given what is known, Shakira is not willing to forgive Piqué, so she will not give in to anything that her lawyers are putting on the negotiating table.

Unlike the Barranquillera, the player has a negative image in the media and social networks after his revealed infidelity, after 12 years of living under the same roof and procreating two children.

For this reason, the environment of the renowned footballer fears that the singer will bring to light the “dirty laundry”.

“He will if he has to play that trick. That is why he has people scratching information and preparing the Piqué macro-report, with all his adventures and some surprises that will not leave anyone indifferent, ”said the informant, adding that they are not only details of the couple and relatives.

Meanwhile, the former couple have shared the summer vacations. He went to London with the children Y Shakira to Cantabria to enjoy days at the beach and surfing. (AND)

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“I didn’t know the man I lived with at all”: Shakira finds out that the player was unfaithful to her in the first year of their relationship and is willing to use the “Piqué Macro-Report” that she commissioned | People | Entertainment

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