In a difficult yoga position, Dua Lipa surprises fans

Yoga is a spiritual and physical discipline that has an emphasis on meditation, it originated in India, it is used as a method of relaxation and the beautiful British singer Dua Lipa He has not denied that he practices it very often, so he left his followers in their social networks a video where he is captured performing a difficult position.

In the town of a beautiful garden, on a beautiful sunny day, that is the environment that the interpreter of “Don’t Start Now“In his video posted on his Instagram account, he can be seen wearing black leggings and a sports top, his long black hair looking loose, without any shoes, just his feet touching the grass in the garden.

A pink mat lies on the grass and Dua Lipa he prepares for the position, spreads his legs from end to end, leans forward so that he only puts his head on the mat and rests his arms on the grass on the side where his feet are, and then gradually goes up your legs in such a way that you are in a straight line in the air, a headstand.

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He stays for a moment in that difficult position and then gradually lowers his legs and is able to get back up, once when he succeeds he gives a warm smile to the camera. And it is that Dua Lipa She has declared herself to be a great fan of this discipline, even in the past she has admitted that touring and the stress that comes with being one of the most successful female artists of the moment is handled by doing yoga.

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In fact, she has also reported that she takes her instructor of this discipline to travel with her, it is about Anabella Landa originally from Venezuela, who owns a yoga company that is under the name of “Annie Moves Yoga“In this way, the beautiful 26-year-old singer can channel her energy in a positive way, as well as having a strict sleep routine, without forgetting a good diet.

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Dua Lipa surprises fans in yoga positions, photo: instagram

Another thing that the followers of the artist attribute to Anabella is the good pronunciation of Spanish, since the singer has surprised her fans with very little Spanish but a very good pronunciation of it and that is that by having a Latin instructor who he always travels and is with her, maybe she can help him with the language a bit.

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In a difficult yoga position, Dua Lipa surprises fans

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