In Paris, Alexa Dellanos wants to be the love of her fans

On this occasion his attire was more conservative than we expected, Alexa Dellanos shared with us that she can also look elegant and decent in a nice white dress that she wore on her trip to Paris.

She also wanted to express a very important message for her, she wants to be the love of her fans, a goal that she tries to fulfill every time you share a new snapshot, which works as perfect entertainment for his admirers.

This time there were four photos that were in charge of showing us how well he was having a good time in the city of love, crossing the ocean he reached France and from there he has shared with us some of his most pleasant experiences.

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In the first of the photos she was placed in front of a mirror and from there she was very serious, for the second of the images she used a larger mirror and that was when we could see that her shoes were very nice and that she really looked very pretty walking for the old continent.

It even took Photography To a painting that caught his attention, being in a place where painting and art are important, he could not miss the opportunity to enjoy some paintings and surely to visit some important tourist sites.

This is how he managed to have more than 416,000 likes, really good numbers that show the popularity So big that he currently has and that most of his followers are active, because they also took the time to leave him a nice comment.

Alexa Dellanos was accompanied by her mother, the television presenter Myrka Dellanos, whom we could see in her stories sharing some beautiful moments in which they were served in a restaurant, enjoying good food and of course, quality time mother and father. daughter.

We can also see that despite being on a trip, she does not neglect exercise, visiting the gym and taking some photos and videos from this place where she has dedicated herself to shaping your figure and staying young and beautiful.

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To finish, I want to invite you to continue on Show enjoying the most interesting things about this Influencer and her companions, as well as learning about other interesting news about the show, entertainment and much more that you should not miss.

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In Paris, Alexa Dellanos wants to be the love of her fans

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