Is it desirable that Manuel Valls return to the French political scene?

The sincerity argument

Rather than perpetuating the hypocrisy of part of our political staff with shifting convictions, Manuel Valls shares, with touching sincerity, his reversals, his “Valls-hesitations”. As he does nothing by half, he appears with the companions who espouse his political hooks. Separated from the musician Anne Gravoin, he entered into a relationship with the LRM deputy Olivia Grégoire then married Susana Gallardo Torrededia, a rich Spanish heiress. With him, no trick, everything is known.

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The political argument

His return could make a lot of people happy. Macronists of the left, who already see in him a future Minister of the Interior – in the event of a reshuffle after the regional ones – a little less “right-handed” than Gerald Darmanin. Right-wing macronists, for whom his ruthless republicanism and combat secularism are reassuring. And even the right wing, which has always swooned over its outings on the “assistantship society” or its desire to send the Roma back to Eastern Europe.

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The bad faith argument

On his own, Manuel Valls has succeeded in relaunching the political parody. In a satirical program, the Spanish public channel TV3 split a clip, with a tasty Valls lookalike in the spotlight, which mocks the short record of the former city councilor, on the air of Moi… Lolita, Alizée. It is to die for laughing. A million views in just twenty-four hours. Manuel Valls has become, belatedly, a star in Spain. One regret, however: that “Les Guignols de l’Info” could not benefit from the Vallsienne gesture.

The counter-argument of sincerity

During the 2017 legislative elections, passed under the Macronist banner, he campaigned in his stronghold of Essonne, for which he was a member for fifteen years. On his profession of faith was written: ” Always with you. “ A year later, he let go of his mandate to shell out in Spain. In 2019, when he was elected to the Barcelona City Council, he thundered it with the exaltation of his Iberian heart: ” whatever happens “, it will remain. From there to think that Manuel Valls has a particular conception of sincerity.

The political counter-argument

Such a lack of consistency, even a strong feeling of betrayal, annihilates the little political credibility that remained to him after his accession to Macronie, in 2017 – Emmanuel Macron seemed to pay little attention to the arrival of this new defector. . The unique ability of Manuel Valls to return his jacket and deny himself as soon as he sees a new opportunity dawning could well be akin to reasoned political suicide. We can’t wait to read the next episode.

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The bad faith counter-argument

Obviously, his back and forth trips are not only good for a political class that is already quite discredited. But, in the end, we should perhaps let Manuel Valls continue to imagine his ever larger self-drops, if not more grotesque. Because the more things go, the more the hatred against Manuel Valls throughout Europe could prosper and create, finally, a healthy feeling of community. Much stronger than the Maastricht Treaty! If he could at least be used for that …

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