Is Univisión marginalizing Sirey Morán?: Fans demand more exposure


Sirey Morán, Our Latin Beauty 2021

In November last year Sirey Moran made history after winning by a wide margin the reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina, after several years of suspension of the famous programwhich returned redesigned, wanting to fight stereotypes.

From the beginning of the contest, not only Sirey Morán stole the show and the leading role with her beauty and way of being, somewhat controversial for some, but also her loyal followers, who became the largest battalion of fans of any of the candidates.

Among Sirey’s followers, the celebration was total since Migbelis Castellanos imposed on the beautiful Honduran the crown as Our Latin Beauty 2021and although the joy has accompanied them since then, a claim has been growing in social networks.

Sirey Morán wins Nuestra Belleza Latina and becomes the first queen of HondurasAfter nine weeks of competition, the 31-year-old contestant is the first Honduran to win the title and will be the new host of Univision. Sirey Morán wins the title with 49% of the public votes. #NuestraBellezaLatina #SireyMoran SUBSCRIBE: Visit the official site: Follow us: FB: IG: TW: #NBL20212021-11-22T03:17:44Z

Within the fans of the former representative of Honduras to Miss Universe, there are many who consider that Univisión has not given her the level of exposure that the queen deserves and criticize that they have not made her a protagonist of the channel, as happened on previous occasions. with winners such as Alejandra Espinoza, Francisca Lachapel and Clarissa Molina, among others.

The beauty queen has made appearances on several Univision programs and at events, but the fans who closely follow her every step feel that the channel has left her in the background, by not considering her for major projects and shows of the channel such as the Upfront of programming that used to be done every year, and where the Nuestra Belleza Latina were invited.

“We see your talent 😍 hopefully @univision does too”, “You will be missed in NY at the presentation of the new Univisión/Televisa programs!” commented a couple of fans of the queen.

“I don’t know why they haven’t given Sirey the publicity and recognition as NBL, I don’t see her at all that Univision in their other entertainment programs mentions her like the others that have been NBL. What’s more, the followers on Instagram don’t go up, I’ve seen 285,000 for a long time,” added another outraged fan who questioned Univisión.

The frustration of Sirey’s followers has been such that the hagstach was even created
#QueremosVeaASireyEnUnivision, which is filming on social networks, with which the young woman’s fans have taken the opportunity to demand that the channel give the young woman more exposure and with which they wonder what is happening, with what some describe as marginalization towards the catracha.

“We want to see the current Queen Sirey Moran in Univision usA listen and respect the voice of all of us who support her. We demand that they comply, ”said another hurt fan on the Instagram of

“We want to see Our Queen Sirey Moran. You from Univision have sent her to Mexico, you have her marginalized from it, not the invitation to any event. She is Nuestra Belleza Latina NBL and she should be treated like all the Queens who have already had her moment and yet you from Univision continue to promote them, giving them the place you think they deserve. Why Sirey No?” Asked another follower.

“Her fans voted for her. She won Nuestra Belleza Latina with 49% of the votes, and she is the New Face of Univision. She deserves the same respect and the same Prominence that you have given to all the Queens, This is not fair, we are in 2021 Gentlemen of Univision and the Fans are not stupid or ignorant, no. We already know how marginalized they have Sirey, even if they have her in Mexico and they have her in a Vix-shaped beach, ”added the obfuscated fan.

So far, Sirey has not spoken out about the complaints of her audience towards Univisión, but on social networks she constantly shares comments where she shows that she is very happy with what she is doing and grateful, something that many think shows that she is fine , but which others see as a diplomatic way of expressing themselves.

We shared with Univisión the claims of Sirey’s fans, but the channel did not issue any comment in this regard.

Tell us if you think Univisión is treating Sirey differently and if you think it is not giving her the place she deserves for her crown.

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Is Univisión marginalizing Sirey Morán?: Fans demand more exposure

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