Jennifer Aniston is a fan of this $24 piece of underwear

Jennifer Aniston’s beloved Hanky ​​Panky underwear is a self-approved addition to your underwear drawer (Image from Getty Images).

When it comes to style and beauty advice from the Hollywood elite, there is no one quite like Jennifer Aniston. The 53-year-old TV icon and actress laureate has been an inspiration to the world of fashion and beauty since the ’90s, and while she has access to designer goods, one of Aniston’s favorite items is surprisingly affordable. : the Hanky ​​Panky thong.

The star of “The Morning Show” first shared his love for underwear hanky panky during a question and answer event with Sandra Bullock for the magazine Interview in 2020. The world’s most decorated underwear brand (yes, there are awards for underwear) has been honored as “the most comfortable thong in the world” and has famous fans like Cameron Diaz, Cher and Rihanna.

If you’re looking to update your underwear drawer for fall, your best investment may be Hanky ​​Panky’s shopper-favorite underwear, like their Original Rise thong.

Hanky ​​Panky Original Rise Thong (Photo: Nordstrom)

Hanky ​​Panky Original Rise Thong (Photo: Nordstrom).


In case you have a stamp of approval from the best of the “friends” was not enough, this delicate underwear is “extraordinarily soft” and stretchy to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The Original Rise thong is available in six different colors and, although they are lace, they are specifically designed not to be seen under clothes, which means that you do not have to worry about marks or bulges that could come out.

the thong Hanky ​​Panky Originall is a one-size-fits-all garment, appropriate for women sizes S to L; and larger sizes are also available.

What people say

The Original Rise thong It has earned 4.7 stars based on reviews from Nordstrom shoppers, who refer to it as “their favorite underwear.”

‘He lives up to his fame’

“I bought them because everyone speaks well of them,” writes a buyer. “They clearly live up to their fame. I will buy many more.”

‘They last forever’

“These are the most comfortable and durable thongs available on the market,” adds another. “I have about 20 pairs and they last forever! They wash well, hold their shape and go well with everything.”

Jennifer Aniston is a fan of this $28 underwear, just like Nordstrom shoppers

Original Rise Thong (Image by Nordstrom).

‘Invisible under clothes’

“The best thong to wear every day”, shares another user. “Incredibly invisible under clothes despite being lace. I prefer these to the soft laser cut competitors.”

Although reviews of Hanky ​​Panky are mostly positive, some shoppers point out that the price is a bit high compared to other brands. Other than that, other shoppers say the one size fits “most people” may not be comfortable for everyone.

“Nice lace item. I agree that this is one of the most comfortable thongs I’ve ever tried, but I found the cut to be a bit high, so it’s quite large on me. I didn’t think it would be as flattering on a small body, but I guess it’s hard to judge because it’s one size fits all,” writes a shopper.


If you’re looking for comfortable and stylish luxury underwear, the Hanky ​​Panky Original Rise thong might be for you. Buyers say that the lace is of high quality, durable and comfortable, and that it is almost invisible under clothing.

The price of this thong is high, so you may want to try it out before investing in a whole new collection.

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Jennifer Aniston is a fan of this $24 piece of underwear

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