Jennifer Lopez confesses that she felt “raped” in her first sex scene in Hollywood

Although at the beginning the sexual scenes were a scandal in the world of the spectacle, with the passage of time they became something very frequent. However, in 1995, when the career of Jennifer Lopez It was just taking shape, a bawdy take on the movie Money Train made her feel very uncomfortable to the point of qualifying it as a violation.

This represented not only the first intimate scene of J.Lo in Hollywood, but also an unusual request on the part of the director of the film. This detail undoubtedly further affected the way the young actress felt at the time.

In an interview with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Jennifer Lopez spoke about one of her most uncomfortable experiences in the world of cinema, recalling the very forced sex scene within Money Train that she starred in with famous actor Wesley Snipes, claiming that it was one. of his worst moments in Hollywood.

“I’ve never done a love scene before. I mean, I had kissed, caressed, you know, but I had never done a sex scene before so I was really nervous. I did not want to do it. I didn’t think it was necessary. I wish now I had fought more. But when you start working professionally, if you want to work and you want your opportunity, you take what they give you ”, he commented.

And although the singer does not mention the name of the project in question or the actor as such, when referring that it was his first sex scene, a record on the IMDB portal suggests that it is the 1995 film.

“So here is this famous actor, basically riding my leg and taking my breasts and kissing them. It was horrible. I felt violated. I swore I would never work with him again. Anyway, he hasn’t done too well lately … So maybe that’s karma! ”The actress said in the interview.

A forced scene

Many intimate scenes are usually used in movies for a specific purpose that helps reinforce some aspect of the plot, but the interpreter of “Jenny from the block” added that in the case of Money Train, all she wanted was to simply show a shot bawdy without any context.

“I tried to say it like, ‘We really don’t need this. It’s not that kind of movie. This is an action movie. It’s not in the script. ‘ That’s the thing: it wasn’t even in the original script! Producers added it during filming. It was of no use in history. You know what I mean? They just wanted a sex scene.

Jennifer Lopez also noted that part of the pressure to continue with the scene came from the influence of the protagonist, since at that time Wesley Snipes was at a high point in his career, so he became influential in the middle.

“He was just a total jerk. He was a big star at the time, with a lot of influence, and I was starting. It was my big break. And it really pushed me, ”he said.

The pressure Jennifer Lopez suffered

The actress commented that in addition to the pressure from the scriptwriters and the director, the actor with whom she had to share the intimate scene was also rude to her at that time, even threatening her that If he did not commit to the scene, consequences could fall to his career.

“He told me that if the scene wasn’t fiery enough, my part would end up on the courtroom floor. And that it would be bad for my career, as if I got such a difficult reputation to work with ”, detailed the J.Lo.

We were both completely naked, with nothing between us except a sock on his erection. I was so naive then. Now I would have pillows and covers and whatever to avoid contact, but I did not know anything, “he concluded.

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Jennifer Lopez confesses that she felt “raped” in her first sex scene in Hollywood