Jennifer López feels betrayed days before her wedding and sends a message to the culprit

“The Bronx diva” is enjoying her second honeymoon with Ben Affleck in Italy. But now it was revealed that her happiness was tarnished, as Jennifer Lopez feels betrayed days before her wedding. For the same reason, the foreign press points out that even send a message to the culprit.

The singer and the actor keep their eyes on each other, after they married for the second time on August 20 in the mansion located in Georgia, United States, which the protagonist of “Batman vs Superman: the origin of justice” bought. The link was given after they got married last July in Las Vegas.

Both links were handled with secrecy to protect privacy of the couple At the second wedding there was a strong operation around the property overlooking a lake, so there was patrolling on it. The data that was released was revealed by Jennifer López herself through her newsletter.

Her beauty team still shared data about the look bridal which consisted of three dresses made by Ralph Lauren, so the New York designer still published the sketches of the exclusive custom-made garments, as well as a video for people to see what the creative process was.

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However, also a video came out of the moment in which Jennifer Lopez, 53 years old, sings and dances to Ben Affleck, 50 years old. The American media TMZ received the video of one of the guests and was the first to broadcast the clip that soon became popular on social networks.

In this way, the intimate moment that the actress also organized for her husband was exposed, since Jennifer Lopez is clearly seen dancing in the company of three dancers, while Ben Affleck is in a chair and looks directly at her without being able to hide his happiness.

This triggered the anger of the famous multifaceted, since they had confidentiality agreements that were broken. “Whoever did it, he took advantage of our private moment. I don’t know where everyone is getting it from because we had confidentiality agreements and we asked everyone not to share anything about our wedding,” the actress allegedly wrote. “Marry me” in one of the posts.

This comment was shared by a count of fans of Jennifer López, who has not directly published anything on her social networks. She has not talked about it either, since she is on her honeymoon in Italy, from where she squanders romance, according to the images circulating on social networks.

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Jennifer López feels betrayed days before her wedding and sends a message to the culprit

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