Jennifer Lopez uses Vaseline to erase wrinkles, easy trick

Today we will let you know how you can get a Porcelain skinlike Jennifer Lopezas he unveiled an extremely simple and above all economical trick to erase wrinkles.

On this occasion we will share a trick very simple with Vaseline that Jennifer Lopez uses to look much younger.

It should be noted that this ointment is a powerful treatment that prevents the appearance of expression lines, in addition to leaving the skin smooth, soft and like porcelain.

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The vaseline it is a popular product commonly found in Mexican homes as it is often an effective remedy for a variety of minor ailments.

However, few people really know that it also has great beauty uses for the skin.

It is important to note that this petroleum derivative is a natural moisturizer that helps repair dry, battered or damaged skin.

In addition, it prevents wrinkles, expression lines and dark circles, so keep reading to find out how to use it on your face like the diva from the Bronx to look much younger.

To start, the singer Vaseline is usually used as a makeup remover every night, to do this, take a cotton pad and apply a little of this product, then pass it over your eyelashes in a zigzag motion.

Once you’re done with the eyes, take a new cotton pad to remove any remaining makeup like foundation, eyeshadow, or brow pencil.

This product is ideal for removing heavy or waterproof makeup; while protecting your skin and moisturizing it.

Then when you have finished removing makeup, wash your face as usual and moisturize.

You can apply a light layer of petroleum jelly on the dark circles to enhance its effect and remember that before using this remedy you must do an allergy test or consult a specialist if you have a special condition.

On the other hand, if you have oily skin, it is recommended not to use this product, as it is a very strong moisturizer and could cause your skin to generate even more oil.

Vaseline is not recommended to treat oily skin, quite the contrary, it is advised to avoid its use if you have this type of skin, since it can cause unfavorable effects.

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Jennifer Lopez uses Vaseline to erase wrinkles, easy trick

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