Jennifer Lopez’s daughter stuns with her outfit at the singer’s wedding

The singer is celebrating her union with the actor Ben Affleckso despite the intense security they put on their wedding, there are already photos circulating on networks, and one of them drew attention to the outfit worn by the daughter of Jennifer Lopez.

In a photograph taken from above, the façade of the Mansion newlyweds, where there are also different guests of all ages, all dresses in white, and despite being the same color, the singer’s daughter did not go unnoticed.

Emme Maribel Muñiz appeared dressed in a White suit and short hair as seen before, when most of the media expected her to wear a dress ElegantVery similar to his mother’s. Her way of dressing has been one of the reasons why she was harshly criticized before.

especially in social networkssince they affirmed that he looks like a boy, since at that time he had short hair as in today’s photograph, but dyed green, in addition to the fact that according to users he did not wear a feminine outfit, since he wore loose clothes.

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And it was to be expected, the comparisons with his mother began to emerge, some of the comments The most aggressive were, “I thought it was her son”, “It is not to criticize but with so many stylists that JLo must have because she is not looking for one to fix that cut so rare for the girl”, “I thought it was a boy…”, “It seems boy“,”That girl looks like an old lady“,”Poor girl seems to need psychological help“.

Despite these strong comments, neither Jennifer Lopez nor the teenager spoke about it. The truth is that it is hard for JLo fans to accept that she is not as feminine as her mother, but the reality is that you have to start accepting the differences.

Surely today he dazzled with that white gala suit and his curly hair, an outfit of which tomorrow there will surely be many photographs circulating on social networks. Emme Maribel Muniz She has always been isolated from answering this type of comment.

So far, he is the only relevant person on the part of Jennifer López who has stood out on this special night for the singer, but we are already anxious because tomorrow the details of the wedding, we were left wanting to see JLo’s dress.

don’t let go of I am Carmineremember that we have the latest from your favorite celebrities, and obviously on these special occasions how relevant Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck live tonight, the new marriage of the year and the most famous wedding.

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Jennifer Lopez’s daughter stuns with her outfit at the singer’s wedding

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